Sunday, May 6, 2007

In the beginning, well a bit past the beginning actually...

We were going to send out pictures to every one but we ran out of money, so we're trying the Blogspot option. That way we don't have to pay for postage. We have a cute little family. Mom (Camille) Dad (Captain Foote) and Alyson Jayne (Alyson Jayne). Since we are new at this we have a disclaimer.

*Disclaimer!!! Beware. - Whereas in the first part the Foote's or the first party being the Footes (to be referred to as the Foote's herein) are declaring the history according to the quality and accuracy of their (the Foote's) memory. Some aspects of this document may vary slightly or greatly from actual events that may or may not have occurred. Any likeness to actual events or characters are purely by design and should be attributed to the wit of the author of this blog.

Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, the entirety of what is contained herein is copy-written material and violators will be subject to public scrutiny and humiliation and may be asked to apologize or we'll tell your mom. Flash photography is to be used at your own risk. Management is not responsible for lost or stolen items. In the event of a fire the emergency exits are here ^ here > < here but not here O. Remember to brush, flush, floss, and wash behind your ears.

And Now, Enjoy the show.

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J. said...

Hey there!!
This is great! I can't believe how BIG Alie is!!! HOLY CRAPAZOIDS!
Loved reading your blog,...laughted through the whole thing!
Great pictures, I need to check Ed and Kari and the girlies blog too!
Love you, give Alie big hugs and kisses for me!!