Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Signing Names

Over the weekend Aly and I were looking at some family pictures and I was asking her who this was and who that was, and because she isn't talking very much (other than DA DA DEE) it was amusing to see the sign names she created for everyone. Of course she has Mom and Dad pretty good and Grandma was more of a chopping motion to the side rather than moving her hand forward from her chin. For Uncle Preston she pats her head. For Aunt Natalee she points to her nose and scrunches up her face, its really cute but I don't understand the relation. and for everyone else she just signs roll. So in an attempt to thwart the mass confusion of everyone having the same sign name, and to be able to distinguish all the different babies from each other; we felt that it would be wise have sign names for everyone. We'll go ahead and start with Alyson. Typically sign names are some kind of action with your initial, putting it on your forehead for example, or circling it next to your cheek. For Alyson we have combined her first and middle initial like thus...

Lets all try it together. Ready and go.

Good job everyone.

For myself I obviously am Dad, but to the other children to whom I am not father I have chosen the letter "F" next to the forehead, as Uncle is a "U" next to to the forehead. Like so ---->

Now its your turn to com up with a sign name. Otherwise you may go down in history as a roll.

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