Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to Brooklyn

June 10, 2007 at 0700 hours MST. Weighing in at 8 lbs 7.5 oz Brooklyn May Foote graced us with her presence in this world. Camille started her labor just past midnight and fearing that she would be sent home with false labor 10 days overdue she really wanted to make sure that this was the real thing. So we waited until 3 am to leave for the hospital via Preston & Shanda's place to drop off Alyson. When we arrived at the hospital they started monitoring Camille's contractions, and sure enough they died down a quite a bit and the nurse gave us a choice, we could either have the Dr break her water, or we could go home and come back when the contractions were stronger. We chose to let the Dr break the water, although he never got the chance.

They moved us to the labor and delivery room and put Camille on antibiotics because Camille qualified for the Group B strep program. The nurse told us that it would be 4 hours for the antibiotics to get to the baby, so after 4 hours the Dr would break the water. Camille was not so happy about this news as her contractions were growing severely more painful. At 6:50 Grandma & Grandpa Foote showed up at the hospital and went to get Alyson from Preston & Shanda's and bring her back to the hospital to see her new sister. When I came back into the room after getting Grandma & Grandpa Foote into the car with the baby seat the Dr was there on the phone calling me. It was time to have a baby. Then the Dr left, and our nurse was on her break so another nurse answered Camille's page and request for drugs. When the Dr came back to check on Camille, Brooklyn's head was already peeking out. Two pushes later, we had doubled our progeny.

Happy Birthday Brooklyn.

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Disco Mom said...

Holy cow, Camille. I never heard such an easy labor story. People just love to share the horrible ones so I'm glad it went well. I know Ed told you this but we love the name Brooklyn, it is super cute. Welcome to the family!