Saturday, July 14, 2007

July is HOT.

Well I am finally getting back into the routine of things. Sometimes it is hard to be motivated to get out and do things when you know it will be so much easier to stay home where you don't have to worry about naptime, nursing time, diaper changes, and tantrums in public. But I also promised myself when I found out that I was pregnant again that I wouldn't make Alyson miss out on fun things just because it would be easier to stay home.

It has definately been an intresting week, but I think I am getting the hang of things again. I try to get out of the house at least a few hours everyday. Alyson is such an outdoors child that if we don't get out of the house she gets very grouchy.

I decided to start small so on Monday we went to the park closest to our house. The challenge was that I only had a single stroller which I was using for Brooklyn so I was hoping Aly would just hold my hand or walk next to me no such luck if I held her hand she would pull it away and than make a mad dash in the opposite direction or just stop and sit on the ground to play with the ants so I think we spent more time getting to and from the park than actually playing at the park. And in the end I ended up pushing the stroller and carrying Aly at the same time. Some good did come from our frustrating little adventure a sister from my ward happened to pass us and saw me trying to carry Alyson and push Brooklyn at the same time and offered to let me borrow her double stroller since she has one she does not use. I picked it up from her on Wenesday, but wished I had it on Tuesday.

On Tuesday we went to toddler time at the Library and since it is summer time the kids room was packed with diffrent childrens clubs and groups it was so crowded. While I was in the process of checking out books Alyson did one of her mad dashes in the ooposite direction. It took me a minute to get situated so I could chase her down and when I went looking for her she was nowhere to be found. After about five minutes of looking I started to panick only to find her sitting at a table working on a puzzle. So needless to say I am very grateful to now have the double stroller.

I was so excited to have a double stroller that I got really ambitious and decided to walk a couple miles to grandma's house for a visit. Obviously this was a little to long to be in the stroller for Alyson and Brooklyn both fell asleep both on the way to grandmas and on the way home.

Brooklyn is growing like a champ we went in for her one month check up this last week and she weighs in at 10lbs 7oz her birth weight was 8lbs 7 oz. She is a pretty good baby and loves to be held. Here are a few pictures of her over the last couple months for those of you (Jenny) that were requesting more pictures.

We went to the Uncle Wilbur fountain on Saturday. It is a fountain in downtown Colorado Springs that kids can play in and every hour Uncle Wilbur come out of the fountain and plays music and dances. Alyson did not really want to get in the water because it was a little colder than she likes it, but she loved to dance to the music and watch all the other kids get wet.

China and Taylor came to grandmas to visit and Alyson loved to have new faces to play with and show off for.

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Jenny said...

Love the pictures and update. I can't believe how much hair Brooklyn has. She is giving Alyson a run for her money. Brooklyn looks so much differnt to me than any of the other Hickman babies - does she look for like the Foote side of the family? Time is passing so quickly. We will be there to visit in just a couple of weeks now and are very excited. Hope all is going well.