Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Camille's Thoughts for the week.

Not a lot of new exciting news but I thought I would post a few recent pictures to demonstrating how I am able to get by day to day despite how crazy things get at home sometimes.

First the swaddle I don't know how I would survive if I did not know about the secret of swaddling there is nothing that works better to keep Brooklyn happy. I have found it works great on Aly to to keep her out of trouble unfortunately she does not like it as much as Brooklyn. She decided it was fun at first but it did not take long to get old.

Second, Brooklyn likes to be held all the time unfortunately that makes it difficult to get anything done including getting ready in the morning. We discovered that she does not mind being put down in the bathroom sink as long as she can observe what is going on and only if it is not for to long.

Last, I have to say keeping up with the laundry and the house has been a little more of a challenge, but I have also discovered that leaving laundry on the floor is not such a bad thing Alyson is entertained for hours putting on different clothes and taking them off again I never knew getting dressed could be so entertaining. In fact if Alyson is at home she is more often than not walking around with an additional shirt on her head. In the picture she is wearing a dress of Brooklyns as you can see it fits really nice.

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Shanda said...

I love the swaddle on Alyson! That should keep her out of trouble. ;)