Tuesday, October 30, 2007

update from a slacker

I feel like I dropped out of the blog world for awhile. A combination of things have kept me from blogging so this will be the update

First of all about two weeks ago I received an e-mail from my sister-in-law Kari with info on how to make some money from home and in my limited computer time I have been doing surveys for GPT sites (get paid to sites) and getting paid for them It is a great way to make a little extra cash. Perfect timing since Christmas is right around the corner.

I decided to blog about it because I thought it might be something other stay at home moms or students might be interested in doing. It is really easy and you can do as much or as little as you want to. Which I think is nice since right now with two little ones I am more on the little end. Most sites also pay you for referrals so you can refer family and friends that might be interested and make a little from their efforts. Foote fills out surveys while he is on hold with banks at work and has made about 40.00 in a week of just hold time which isn't a lot but can add up over time.

Kari has put together some great information of tips and tricks to use on GPT sites and it has been so easy to follow. It is to long to put in a blog so if you are interested or want more information just leave a comment with your e-mail address or e-mail me and I will send it to you.

second, our house has also been in pieces we were having our floors redone so we had all our furniture in the garage for about a week between tearing out the old floor and installing our new wood floor (yeah!). Aly thought it was great to have the furniture in the garage and loved to hang out on the furniture in the garage more than she does when it is in the house. We also put in some new furniture including a new 50 inch plasma TV that Foote received as a bonus for closing three houses with the same builder. (alright Foote!) Its kind of funny we are still in our townhouse so it looks a little out of place, but no complaints here.

And last week was Halloween and between parties, trick or treating and putting my house back together I was lacking in blogging motivation.

Halloween was a lot of fun Aly went dressed as a Lady bug and Brooklyn was a cow. We went to a tri-ward trunk or treat. I have to say I love the trunk or treat concept it is like the Readers Digest version of trick or treating, it's trick or treating with half the work and time. I couldn't help but feel a little cheated that we didn't have trunk or treating when I was a kid trick or treating, we actually had to work for our candy going to each door individually.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bath Time with Aly

The other night I was bathing Brooklyn, and Aly felt neglected and wanted to get in the tub as well, This was a problem because she hadn't had dinner yet, and she is such a messy eater that it's pointless to bath her before dinner. So I get Brooklyn or Ney as Aly likes to call her, out of the the tub and start getting a new diaper on her I hear a splash. Yep you guessed it, Aly had climbed into the tub, clothes and all. I was torn between fury at her and hysterical laughter.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Family Pictures

This last weekend was family picture weekend. I really wanted to get a good family picture in the fall colors, but didn't want to have to pay for a professional to come out and take them so we decided we would just have Foote's parents come and take a ton of pictures and hopefully we would be able to get one that looked good. What was I thinking I must of been in some kind of mom fantasy land. Brooklyn and Alyson were done taking pictures after the first ten shots so needless to say it was a very interesting day. So I have decided to post all the pictures of our not so happy moments so that when you get a nice cute family photo on our Christmas card you can appreciate it as much as I do.

Never A Dull Moment

I have a bad habit of writing blogs and than saving them as drafts and taking forever to publish them. So by the time I go back and review the drafts its been about a month or longer. I know that it probably seems strange but I am not a big fan of editing or taking time to add pictures or clips to a post. Most of the time I make Foote do these things for me. So this post is a little old and I was just going to delete it and move on, but I decided that maybe some other mothers would appreciate it since you can all relate to how what starts out as a good day can go downhill so fast.

I have decided that I will be labeled as the mother with good intentions, that was just never able to get things to work out as planned. Today was storytime at the library and since I have been going back to the gym it has been harder for us to make it to storytime and we have been missing it a lot. So today I thought I should take a break from going to the gym and let Alyson go to her storytime. So I hurried and got both girls ready and loaded up into the car so we could make it to storytime. When we arrived I got Aly out of the car to put her in the stroller. I went to get the stroller out of the trunk and, whoops not there, I accidently left it in Daddy's car. Oh well I will just have to carry Brooklyn and hope I can get Alyson to hold my hand. I decided I would leave the diaper bag in the car since I already had to haul two kids around and I thought I better get my library card out of the diaper bag. I set Alyson down on the ground as I rummaged through my diaper bag to find my wallet with my library card. Just my luck I forgot my wallet. Now I don't have my library card so we will not be able to check out any books. Oh well at least we can still make story time.

While I am trying to dig up the missing library card Alyson decided to play with the buttons on the car door and locks the door and of course I didn't notice. So I close the passenger door after being unable to find my library card and go to the back door to get Brooklyn out of the car. Thats strange I thought, the door is locked. All the doors are locked and Brooklyn is locked in the car and naturally her seat is right in the sun, luckily she is asleep. Sprinting into the library we go. Since my keys and cell phone are locked in the car I will have to call Foote from a phone in the library to bring the spare key. So I called dad's cell twice and only got voicemail so I left a message and decided to try and call his office directly but I don't know the number so I tell the reference lady the situation and ask for the phone book, but instead she calls security.

So the security gaurd and I walk out to the car where he tries all my doors. (As if I didn't already think of that.) He decides that he will call 911 and I say "Well let me just call and see if my husband is on his way", but since this is the most excitement the library security gaurd has had in a while he doesn't even listen to me and calls 911 anyway. --(Now just a side note while he was on the phone with 911 informing them that a baby is locked in the car they ask exactly how old is the baby? Does that sound like a weird question? as if there is an age limit on wether they will or will not come and unlock the doors. "Oh you said the baby is 10 months sorry we will not be able to help you your baby exceeds the age limit.")---Anyway so a few minutes later here comes the fire engine with all it sirens going off and a team of rescuers jump out to unlock my doors. When I explain what happened I get that look like "yeah right blame the kid" As they pull Brooklyn out of the car she starts to wake up and looks around at all these strange faces like "Who are you? What are you doing here?" And just about this time Foote pulls up with the spare keys. (perfect timing). Well at least I put some excitement into the day of a library security guard and I am sure storytime was great for those that made it. Maybe it was a story about a little girl who locked her baby sister in the car by accident and put mom in a frantic situation while the whole town tried to help. Then we wouldn't have really missed anything.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A note from the Editor

I have been asked by Camille to insert a post occasionally. It's True. This is funny to me seeing that less than a month ago, getting Camille to post something on the blogsite was much akin to teaching a goldfish to floss. Not only did she lack the motivation, but she is also expert in the divers ways of procrastination justification. "how can you expect me to write a blog when I need to take a nap" she would say. But then there was a glimmer of light, sparkling gently off in the distance. And suddenly we find ourselves in the matrix of the blog world, every event that takes place is a potential blog. every funny thing Aly or Brooklyn does. We must be vigilant, always prepared with the camera and thesaurus, one cannot predict when the opportunity might arise to get material for the blog site.

Now let me try to explain why this is exciting to me. I am a techno junky. I live and breathe by the laptop, iPod, multifunctional mobile phone, flat screen, High Def, internet accessible, WiFi, Bluetooth, RF, wireless, high-speed, broadband, gigabyte, downloadable, transferable, networkable, GPS, FTP, digital stuff. I want to be able to check my email, listen to music, watch movies or live TV, surf the internet or take a picture, all with my phone, camera, GPS, watch, iPod or even my laptop.

I would say "look honey, I got you a phone that can take pictures, check your email, keep a calendar, get online, you can even program it to be a remote control for the TV..... It's Red..... It has a hands free bluetooth earpiece..... are you in a comma?

"can I make and answer calls with it?" She asks.

"well it is a phone, you know, that is its primary function. In fact, not only can you make and receive calls, but you can import the entire ward or even stake directory onto this baby, all our family's numbers IM's and Email addresses in alphabetical order with a picture, so you can see who's calling you. And our plan has unlimited texting, so you don't need to worry about that,. Just imagine, you could be out at the park and Aly learns to do something funny or cute, just whip out your cell and capture it on video, then you can even send it with picture mail or email it, heck you could even upload it to youtube if you wanted to..... I've lost you again haven't I?"

"I forgot what my question was?"

I feel so alone sometimes.

At least Aly likes to play with my high tech toys.

I have been patient, my longsuffering is paying off. It is a long road and I realize that I am still only at the beginning, but the clouds are parting and the sun is peeking through, light is spilling all over my domain.

Camille asked me the other day, "can you teach me how to put a video clip on our blogsite?"

Joyous bouts of excitement erupt within my soul as I excitedly begin to instruct her with our state of the art technology.

"Now when I said teach me, what I meant was will you do it for me?"

<@>{bold}^insert wet blanket here^{bold}<@>
(not really HTML, just meant to be a pun)

Well at least she is getting past saving half a thought as a draft.

it's a very small victory and I'll take it.

Disclosure - Some of this message may have been exaggerated slightly in the name of entertainment. None of the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any likeness of fictional characters to persons living or dead is purely coincidence. Side affects may include but are not limited to: quandarious expressions, narcolepsy, tummy rumbling, retina fatigue, giddy fits of giggling, long exhalations of carbon dioxide>n A colorless, odorless incombustible gas, CO2, formed during respiration, combustion, and organic decomposition. Management is not liable for lost or stolen items. Please keep arms and legs inside the car at all times. All sales are final.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Overplayed, but still a classic

Wednesday night we were at Walmart and Aly fell asleep in the cart. Everyone has these classic shots or videos of the child falling asleep in the carseat or highchair, but for some reason they are still funny. Foote tried to take a video of her head nodding with his cell, but just ended up getting a picture. It was to classic I was sorry we didn't have the camera for a video. We were to busy laughing at her that we didn't bother waking her up and she did a major head bob and almost knocked herself out on the cart. So for the rest of the night she had a big red mark on her head and every time I looked at her with her mark I just had to laugh. (so much for being the sympathetic mom)

Just a few days later we were at Lowes and Aly fell asleep in the cart again so this time we were able to get a video. I can't believe the places she can fall asleep.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Joy of Traveling with Kids

Well I am sure that almost anyone with kids has one of these stories to share and if not they are the lucky ones. During our recent trip to Utah Aly got sick in the car now I think as parents we all know that eventually this is going to happen, and we just hope it happens when we are in our own town where we can go home clean the car and put the child in the bath. Unfortunately Aly's timing was a little off. Foote had a closing in Denver so our plan was to leave from his closing to Utah so that we wouldn't arrive to late. So I dropped Foote off at the title company and decided I would kill time by taking the girls to breakfast and than to the park. So we had breakfast and just as we are pulling in to the park when Aly gets sick and it is everywhere all over her and the carseat. I see some buildings at the park so I figure no problem I will just clean her up in one of the bathrooms.

Anyone has two kids close togeather can appreciate how much of an issue it is just to get in and out of the car so I finally get them both out of the car and over to the park bathrooms to find out they have no running water or paper towels. So I get Aly changed at least and some what cleaned up with baby wipes, but I still have to figure out how to clean up the car. Aly in the meantime is very upset that we are not staying to play at the park and begins to throw a tantrum and Brooklyn decides that she is ready to be fed and just begins to cry so I am holding one crying baby and dragging the other to the car. And everyone is giving me that look like I am so glad that I am not you.

I get to the car and realize I can't put Aly back in her carseat because she will get her mess all over her clean clothes so I just buckle her in the seat between the two carseats in the back seat and figure well it is probably only a couple blocks to a service station. So On our way to the service station Aly wiggles herself free of the seatbelt so she can stand up and wave to any cars that might be behind us or on the side of us. I am trying to watch the traffic and yelling "Aly sit down!" and finally reach the service station where I am able to borrow a cup of water and some towels and clean up the mess. While I am cleaning all our windows are down because of the smell and Aly is yelling hi and bye to any customers visiting the service station and Brooklyn has now been fed, but is very unhappy that she is still in her seat is crying and crying. And everyone is giving me that look like "I am glad I am not you".

Just as I finish cleaning I get a text message from Foote saying he is done and ready to be picked up. so I put a blanket over the semicleaned carseat buckle Aly in and rush off to get dad. Now the only thing lingering is the smell and we still have at least a 8hr drive to go. I pick up Foote and about 3 hrs into our drive the smell is just to much so we stop at a car wash and hose off the seat and buy some air freshner. This is one of those blogs that does not include pictures. Aren't you glad?

Monday, October 1, 2007

"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies."

So we spent the last weekend at Brad and Jenny's house. I used to roll my eyes when people would say I feel like my dog is my child he/she is always wining, into something etc....

But never again after spending the weekend with Brad and Jenny and their new puppy Aspen I finally understand. Trying to keep peace between Aspen and Aly was like separating two year olds that refuse to play nice or share. I felt like we were constantly telling one or the other to "play nice" , "be gentle", "don't get up there", "you need to calm down", "Do you need a time out?"

It was funny that so many things Aspen did were things that Aly would do for example whenever someone is eating Aspen hovers at their feet hoping for food sad to say Alyson was right there beside her signing eat please.

Brad was trying to get Aspen to go outside and she just wanted him to chase her. This is a daily occurrence in our house everytime I try to get Aly to get in the tub it immediately becomes a game and she wants me to chase her and just laughs and laughs.

Aspen's favorite game currently is hide and seek she loves for Brad and Jenny to hide in the house and to go and find them. This game is also one of Aly's favorites she loves when Foote or I to hide from her and than jump out and scare her.

Everytime Aly picked up one of Aspen's toys that she was not playing with that immediately became the toy she wanted. Aly is also in this phase where sharing isn't so easy.

And there were even a few times that while I was doing diaper duty Jenny was cleaning up Aspen's kennel.

So sorry dog people I had no idea how similar child duty and puppy duty could be.