Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Joy of Traveling with Kids

Well I am sure that almost anyone with kids has one of these stories to share and if not they are the lucky ones. During our recent trip to Utah Aly got sick in the car now I think as parents we all know that eventually this is going to happen, and we just hope it happens when we are in our own town where we can go home clean the car and put the child in the bath. Unfortunately Aly's timing was a little off. Foote had a closing in Denver so our plan was to leave from his closing to Utah so that we wouldn't arrive to late. So I dropped Foote off at the title company and decided I would kill time by taking the girls to breakfast and than to the park. So we had breakfast and just as we are pulling in to the park when Aly gets sick and it is everywhere all over her and the carseat. I see some buildings at the park so I figure no problem I will just clean her up in one of the bathrooms.

Anyone has two kids close togeather can appreciate how much of an issue it is just to get in and out of the car so I finally get them both out of the car and over to the park bathrooms to find out they have no running water or paper towels. So I get Aly changed at least and some what cleaned up with baby wipes, but I still have to figure out how to clean up the car. Aly in the meantime is very upset that we are not staying to play at the park and begins to throw a tantrum and Brooklyn decides that she is ready to be fed and just begins to cry so I am holding one crying baby and dragging the other to the car. And everyone is giving me that look like I am so glad that I am not you.

I get to the car and realize I can't put Aly back in her carseat because she will get her mess all over her clean clothes so I just buckle her in the seat between the two carseats in the back seat and figure well it is probably only a couple blocks to a service station. So On our way to the service station Aly wiggles herself free of the seatbelt so she can stand up and wave to any cars that might be behind us or on the side of us. I am trying to watch the traffic and yelling "Aly sit down!" and finally reach the service station where I am able to borrow a cup of water and some towels and clean up the mess. While I am cleaning all our windows are down because of the smell and Aly is yelling hi and bye to any customers visiting the service station and Brooklyn has now been fed, but is very unhappy that she is still in her seat is crying and crying. And everyone is giving me that look like "I am glad I am not you".

Just as I finish cleaning I get a text message from Foote saying he is done and ready to be picked up. so I put a blanket over the semicleaned carseat buckle Aly in and rush off to get dad. Now the only thing lingering is the smell and we still have at least a 8hr drive to go. I pick up Foote and about 3 hrs into our drive the smell is just to much so we stop at a car wash and hose off the seat and buy some air freshner. This is one of those blogs that does not include pictures. Aren't you glad?


Anonymous said...

Hilarious!! I've gotten the "I'm glad I'm not you" many times. Leaving the park (Lucy has a huge breakdown when we leave anywhere). I get the look most often at church when I'm wrestling Graham and trying to get Lucy to whisper instead of shout. I'm glad you made it okay!!

Wright's said...

Wow Camille, if this had happened to me it would have probably been the first thing I would have told you when I saw you. I'm so impressed that you didn't tell me while you were here. Isn't it amazing what you find yourself dealing with when you have too.

Jenny said...

I heard the story a little when you got to Utah but not in this detail. I liked the links as well. Especially the "I am glad I am not you". You are definitly super mom - keep up the great job!