Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Never A Dull Moment

I have a bad habit of writing blogs and than saving them as drafts and taking forever to publish them. So by the time I go back and review the drafts its been about a month or longer. I know that it probably seems strange but I am not a big fan of editing or taking time to add pictures or clips to a post. Most of the time I make Foote do these things for me. So this post is a little old and I was just going to delete it and move on, but I decided that maybe some other mothers would appreciate it since you can all relate to how what starts out as a good day can go downhill so fast.

I have decided that I will be labeled as the mother with good intentions, that was just never able to get things to work out as planned. Today was storytime at the library and since I have been going back to the gym it has been harder for us to make it to storytime and we have been missing it a lot. So today I thought I should take a break from going to the gym and let Alyson go to her storytime. So I hurried and got both girls ready and loaded up into the car so we could make it to storytime. When we arrived I got Aly out of the car to put her in the stroller. I went to get the stroller out of the trunk and, whoops not there, I accidently left it in Daddy's car. Oh well I will just have to carry Brooklyn and hope I can get Alyson to hold my hand. I decided I would leave the diaper bag in the car since I already had to haul two kids around and I thought I better get my library card out of the diaper bag. I set Alyson down on the ground as I rummaged through my diaper bag to find my wallet with my library card. Just my luck I forgot my wallet. Now I don't have my library card so we will not be able to check out any books. Oh well at least we can still make story time.

While I am trying to dig up the missing library card Alyson decided to play with the buttons on the car door and locks the door and of course I didn't notice. So I close the passenger door after being unable to find my library card and go to the back door to get Brooklyn out of the car. Thats strange I thought, the door is locked. All the doors are locked and Brooklyn is locked in the car and naturally her seat is right in the sun, luckily she is asleep. Sprinting into the library we go. Since my keys and cell phone are locked in the car I will have to call Foote from a phone in the library to bring the spare key. So I called dad's cell twice and only got voicemail so I left a message and decided to try and call his office directly but I don't know the number so I tell the reference lady the situation and ask for the phone book, but instead she calls security.

So the security gaurd and I walk out to the car where he tries all my doors. (As if I didn't already think of that.) He decides that he will call 911 and I say "Well let me just call and see if my husband is on his way", but since this is the most excitement the library security gaurd has had in a while he doesn't even listen to me and calls 911 anyway. --(Now just a side note while he was on the phone with 911 informing them that a baby is locked in the car they ask exactly how old is the baby? Does that sound like a weird question? as if there is an age limit on wether they will or will not come and unlock the doors. "Oh you said the baby is 10 months sorry we will not be able to help you your baby exceeds the age limit.")---Anyway so a few minutes later here comes the fire engine with all it sirens going off and a team of rescuers jump out to unlock my doors. When I explain what happened I get that look like "yeah right blame the kid" As they pull Brooklyn out of the car she starts to wake up and looks around at all these strange faces like "Who are you? What are you doing here?" And just about this time Foote pulls up with the spare keys. (perfect timing). Well at least I put some excitement into the day of a library security guard and I am sure storytime was great for those that made it. Maybe it was a story about a little girl who locked her baby sister in the car by accident and put mom in a frantic situation while the whole town tried to help. Then we wouldn't have really missed anything.


Anonymous said... are hilarious! You and Foote are both very good writers! I love reading your stuff!

Shanda said...

Never a dull moment...thats for sure! I laughed and wanted to cry at the same time when I read this story! You do a great job with those girls!