Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A note from the Editor

I have been asked by Camille to insert a post occasionally. It's True. This is funny to me seeing that less than a month ago, getting Camille to post something on the blogsite was much akin to teaching a goldfish to floss. Not only did she lack the motivation, but she is also expert in the divers ways of procrastination justification. "how can you expect me to write a blog when I need to take a nap" she would say. But then there was a glimmer of light, sparkling gently off in the distance. And suddenly we find ourselves in the matrix of the blog world, every event that takes place is a potential blog. every funny thing Aly or Brooklyn does. We must be vigilant, always prepared with the camera and thesaurus, one cannot predict when the opportunity might arise to get material for the blog site.

Now let me try to explain why this is exciting to me. I am a techno junky. I live and breathe by the laptop, iPod, multifunctional mobile phone, flat screen, High Def, internet accessible, WiFi, Bluetooth, RF, wireless, high-speed, broadband, gigabyte, downloadable, transferable, networkable, GPS, FTP, digital stuff. I want to be able to check my email, listen to music, watch movies or live TV, surf the internet or take a picture, all with my phone, camera, GPS, watch, iPod or even my laptop.

I would say "look honey, I got you a phone that can take pictures, check your email, keep a calendar, get online, you can even program it to be a remote control for the TV..... It's Red..... It has a hands free bluetooth earpiece..... are you in a comma?

"can I make and answer calls with it?" She asks.

"well it is a phone, you know, that is its primary function. In fact, not only can you make and receive calls, but you can import the entire ward or even stake directory onto this baby, all our family's numbers IM's and Email addresses in alphabetical order with a picture, so you can see who's calling you. And our plan has unlimited texting, so you don't need to worry about that,. Just imagine, you could be out at the park and Aly learns to do something funny or cute, just whip out your cell and capture it on video, then you can even send it with picture mail or email it, heck you could even upload it to youtube if you wanted to..... I've lost you again haven't I?"

"I forgot what my question was?"

I feel so alone sometimes.

At least Aly likes to play with my high tech toys.

I have been patient, my longsuffering is paying off. It is a long road and I realize that I am still only at the beginning, but the clouds are parting and the sun is peeking through, light is spilling all over my domain.

Camille asked me the other day, "can you teach me how to put a video clip on our blogsite?"

Joyous bouts of excitement erupt within my soul as I excitedly begin to instruct her with our state of the art technology.

"Now when I said teach me, what I meant was will you do it for me?"

<@>{bold}^insert wet blanket here^{bold}<@>
(not really HTML, just meant to be a pun)

Well at least she is getting past saving half a thought as a draft.

it's a very small victory and I'll take it.

Disclosure - Some of this message may have been exaggerated slightly in the name of entertainment. None of the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any likeness of fictional characters to persons living or dead is purely coincidence. Side affects may include but are not limited to: quandarious expressions, narcolepsy, tummy rumbling, retina fatigue, giddy fits of giggling, long exhalations of carbon dioxide>n A colorless, odorless incombustible gas, CO2, formed during respiration, combustion, and organic decomposition. Management is not liable for lost or stolen items. Please keep arms and legs inside the car at all times. All sales are final.

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