Monday, December 10, 2007

Last Year of Christmas Slacking

I am ashamed to admit, but since Foote and I have been married we have been holiday slackers. We have never put up a tree mostly because we are usually with family for Christmas and they have a tree, and until last year it was jut the two of us and also because we don't really have a lot of space in our little house to store an artificial tree and we have just been to cheap to buy a real one or go cut one down. Foote has a coworker who's little girl wanted to know all about his Christmas tree and decorations and when he admitted that we don't have a tree and that we really don't have many decorations up (mostly because a lot of the decorations I have been given are either ceramic or breakable and since we have limited up high space I didn't put everything out this year) she began to call Foote the Grinch.

So over the weekend, to save Foote from being the Grinch we broke down and bought a little artificial tree (4 & 1/2 feet) and decorations. It is our compromise since it won't take up much space to store and the girls can have it for their own little tree to decorate in the future. Don't get me wrong even though our house may not be decorated Alyson has still had the experience of decorating. Over the last few weeks we helped decorate Bammer's tree, Grandma Hickman's tree, and decorated Grandma Foote's tree.

I didn't realize how much of a slacker I had been on getting the girls ready for Christmas until we were out shopping and every time Aly saw Santa decorations she would yell NOAH! NOAH! and I would have to stop and explain that this was Santa and that he just has a beard like Noah. I guess its a good thing that she gets Santa confused for Noah and not the other way around. We were going to take her to sit on Santa's Lap on Saturday so I thought I should start prepping her for the experience so we checked out "How Elmo Saved Christmas" from the library since Santa is in it. In the movie Elmo puts cookies out for Santa. So on Friday night when I told Aly we would see Santa tomorrow and she could sit on his lap she kept insisting that we needed to take cookies. It is just so funny to watch her little mind process all this Christmas stuff.

So this is the plan for this year. We will wait until the girls have been put to bed Christmas Eve and then we'll put up the tree, decorate it and put the presents out. Aly is the target in this charade, she's has been noticing all sorts of things lately Foote's hair cut, the new picture we hung, things I don't notice, and so to add to the excitement of Christmas we thought it would be fun to watch Aly come down the stairs to see, not the living room she left when she went to bed, but a spectacular Christmas wonderland full of magic and surprises and presents. Then I guess next year we'll join the rest of the world and decorate after Thanksgiving so we can enjoy the festive holiday spirit for more than just Christmas day.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hello from the Eiffel Tower!! Nearly every year we go to visit Foote's grandparents in St. George for Thanksgiving or around that time, and seeing the Las Vegas is just a short drive from there we usually take a day and go see the sites. Last year Foote took Alyson and I to the Top of the World for dinner in the rotating restaurant atop the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino more than 800 feet above the Las Vegas Strip.

I had to laugh when I was looking at this picture of Aly and I from last year. It is just funny to think how fast things change I am almost five months pregnant in this picture and completely clueless that I am expecting and now a year later Brooklyn is here and almost six months old.

This year it was a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower overlooking the Bellagio fountains as well as the rest of the strip. Footes parents were with us so they watched a fountain show with the girls while Foote and I were on the Eiffel Tower watching the sun set.

We spent a lot of the day seeing all the sites. The girls made it about half the day and just crashed hard. I know that I have blogged previously about the strange places that Aly can fall asleep, but this one takes the cake she fell asleep on grandpa's shoulders while checking out the atrium at the the Bellagio.

Apart from the Vegas trip, we had a great time with Deem and Bammer(Thats what all the grand kids call Foote's grandparents). We took a couple walks each day in the warm weather, mostly to put the girls to sleep.

And Aly made a couple new friends, A frog that croaks when you walk in front of it, and a plastic Rhino. She loved the frog, she would sing to it, tuck it into bed and rock it to sleep, try to feed it, then try to change its diaper. She and her little frog became inseparable. Too Cute!!