Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ok time to get back to the blogging world. I attempted to blog about three times during December, but then ten thousand things and a couple naps got in the way and it did not come to pass. We made some cookies, and had some family dinners. We missed having everyone home for Christmas, but we enjoyed the family who was here. Especially getting a massage from Natalee.

The girls were still a little young to get really excited for Christmas. I did have one of those proud parent moments when My mom asked Aly about Santa and she really didn't know what my mom was talking about, but when she asked her whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas she was able to tell my mom that it was Jesus's Birthday.

I also had to laugh because when Aly would open a gift we would tell her who it was from so she would open the gift and than give the gift back to whoever gave it to her. She did not really understand that they were for her, but thought she was opening them for other people.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving sum up only a week late

There are things that can sometimes be tough about living in a big family, but whenever the holidays role around I am so grateful for my big family it makes everything seem more like a big event and there is always something going on. It's crazy how full my parents house gets when everyone is there, and we were even missing Ed and his family:(

So here is the sum up of our Thanksgiving, which was, for the most part fabulous. I was up at 1:00am doing the Thanksgiving papers which were like Sunday papers, maybe bigger, with all the black Friday adds in them. This part of the day was a little bit of a nightmare, the newspaper agency had made multiple errors and ended up being short about 20,000 papers, who knows? Total confusion luckily I had great help my friend Derek and my sister Natalee were there to help, so even though we were about three hours behind schedule, we were still able to get the papers out before 8:00am which, considering the confusion was very lucky. Every where I went there was about six people in line waiting to buy some papers, and when you are hundreds short this adds up to unhappy people. Well enough about this part of the day I've decided just to repress it and move on.

Unfortunately, because of our late delivery time this made my Turkey Trot plans a little tricky because I basically had to run in the door from the paper route, change and run back out for the race. Luckily I have a FABULOUS husband who had the kids up and ready and was prepared to go so we could get there in time to register for the run that started at 9:00. I was able to convince Natalee and Brad to run with me, Daniel was planning on it but slept in, and Preston didn't think you should have to pay anyone to run. (I really think he was afraid I would beat him) The race was good except that it was so so cold, but after the first mile I was dying of heat and wishing I had decided to take my sweatshirt off. It was an okay run not the best time, but more for the getting out and doing something on Thanksgiving before I eat way to much.

After our race we went back to my parents house for a nice warm breakfast. By this time I was completely exhausted so I left my kids at my parents and went home for a nice quiet nap until about 2:00, woke up put my salad together and went over and enjoyed a great Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house and spent the rest of the evening visiting and playing games. It was great.

My kids love being at grandma's house, especially when there are so many people to play with them. Natalee is currently going to massage therapy school so we brought our massage table over and Natalee was able to get in some good practice. So thanks everyone for such a fun few days we will miss you and can't wait until we can all get together again.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chocolate Milk: Here today .... Gone today!

I know I have mentioned in past posts that I am a big coupon shopper. I am also at a big advantage because I deliver papers so I have access to tons of coupons it is an added bonus to the job. I keep saying I am going to put a place on my blogsite to have my latest great coupon buys,but I have not done it yet. I try to share my excitement with Foote when I get a great deal, but I think it is hard for him to relate to how great deals are because he doesn't do our shopping enough to know how much things usually are. So I guess for right now I will just occasionally blog when I get a great deal. So this past week it was Nesquick chocolate milk For Free...can't beat that. I love chocolate milk it is one of my biggest weaknesses. This is my second time in the last few months getting chocolate milk for free. So on Saturday I picked up 25 Nesquick chocolate milk chugs for free. Here is the worst part by Tuesday of the following week they were all gone. At least last time they lasted a couple weeks. The girls were the main consumers(I am hoping you buy that) but I probably should have done a better job of regulating their chocolate milk consumption...Oh well what can you do I guess I'll have the last chocolate milk and think about it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Turkey Trot

This post is to invite anyone living in Colorado Springs and even visiting family (hint, hint) to run the YMCA Turkey Trot with me on Thanksgiving day. The race starts at 9:00am and the cost is $20.00 if you want a T-shirt or you can register on race day for $17.00 no T-shirt. The money goes to helping those less fortunate be able to afford memberships with YMCA. We will be eating all afternoon and evening why not at least run off enough calories to off set a couple pieces of pie and it is only a 5k (3.1miles)...no sweat. Come on you know you want to.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First trip to the theater.....Shoot me now

This past weekend a company Foote works with invited all their clients and Families to a free matinee showing of Madagascar 2 at the new theater on Interquest. Foote thought it would be fun to go, since it was free and all, but I was a little skeptical of how the girls would do.

So here is a little play by play on how our first attempt to take Brooklyn and Aly to the movie went. The movie included a complimentary soda and popcorn for everyone attending so I had all our popcorn and drinks on a tray and was carrying them so Foote could carry the girls. Brooklyn was very upset by this because as soon as she saw the drink she had to have it immediately or she would probably die. So as soon as Foote put the drink in the cup holder next to her seat she grabbed it and it was so full that it started leaking out and spilling all over her. Foote tried to get the drink out of her hands to avoid any more spillage and Brooklyn had a death grip on it and was squeezing it so hard that the spilling got worse. Foote in his frustration was trying to hand off the tray with the other drinks and popcorn to me so that he could have both hands to deal with Brooklyn's tantrum and ended up hitting the tray spilling two bags of popcorn on the floor. This wouldn't have seemed so bad except the cleaning guy right next to us had just finished vacuuming and the floor was so nice and clean. I overheard him say "Oh thanks a lot."

We get the drink away from Brookie amid her screams and try to clean up the popcorn a little. We finally get both girls situated in their seats and they seem to be pretty content to wait for the movie except Brooklyn doesn't weigh enough to keep her seat from folding up so it keeps swallowing her up in it which makes her really mad, but she refuses to sit on our laps. So we try to hold it down, but it keeps folding up and Brookie will yell "I stuck I stuck". It looked so funny we tried to take a picture of it, but unfortunately it didn't turn out. We are able to keep the girls amused with popcorn and soda so they're not so upset to just sit in their seats, but then the movie finally starts and the popcorn and soda are gone. Brooklyn watches pretty good for about the first ten minutes and decided she needs to get down and climb on the railing that is right in front of us.

Since it seems to keep her entertained and she is not bothering anyone I just let her play quietly. Aly decides that Brooklyn must be having a great time so she decides to join her climbing on the railing. Brooklyn gets bored with climbing and decides it is time to explore new territory so she goes to sit on the stairs next to my seat and then she decides to climb the stairs and say hi to everyone row by row. Now that she is bothering other people I try to get her back in her seat, but she refuses, having just had so much unrestrained freedom. So I tried to stand up with her by the door of the theater and this makes her furious, and of course she throws a fit. So I result to bribery. I get some M&M's that she and Aly can have one at a time as long as they sit in their seats this buys us about 20 minutes, but then they climb under the railing and take off in a full sprint to the front of the theater. We proceed to chase them to various corners of the theater for the next ten minutes and then give up all together and leave the theater.

Well at least it was free.

As we are leaving the theater Aly is screaming "I want to watch the movie! I want to watch the movie!" As loud as she can. So needless to say it will be a few years before we attempt the theater with the girls again.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's Always Something

I know while reading this post you will probably think that I am some crazy neglectful mom, but the truth is my kids manage to get into trouble in .0000001 seconds. Tonight I put the girls in the tub and Brooklyn usually wants to get out as soon as she has had her hair washed and is clean. I think it is because most nights she wants to avoid being left in the tub with Aly the torturer. After I got Brooklyn dressed I told Aly I was going to shut the bathroom door because I did not want Brooklyn to come back in and get her pajamas all wet. I told Aly to just yell for me when she wanted to get out. So about ten minutes later I thought things are really quiet which all moms know usually means something bad is happening. I went to check on Aly and found that she had climbed up on the counter and got my razor out of the medicine cabinet and had sliced her lip open and cut her nose trying to shave like her daddy. So there was blood everywhere from where she had touched her lip and than climbed back into the tub....These girls are going to drive me insane with both of them in that terrible two age. They are into everything like little destroying angels. So while we are trying to get Aly's lip to stop bleeding Brooklyn reaches up on the counter and gets the toothpaste and is able to get the lid off and proceed eating the toothpaste, sucking it right out of the tube.. well at least she will have nice breath. I think these girls might slowly drive me insane....wait I already typed that...see it is already happening I am going crazy.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

I am a little delayed in the Halloween post, but what can I say, when there is candy to eat I just don't have time to blog. I have no self control when it comes to candy it is a sad, sad thing. I have decided that kids today have it made Halloween has become an all day event over the Halloween weekend Aly went trick or treating three times once the night before Halloween at our ward party and trunk or treat and than again at Walmart Halloween day and than to the neighbors Halloween night.

It was kind of funny to be trick or treating in Walmart's garden center surronded by Christmas trees and deocrations. Aly didn't want to leave who could blame her Christmas and Haloween all in one place life doesn't get much better than that.

Aly and Brooklyn to busy checking out their stash of candy I could not get them to look up for a picture.

I thought trick or treating in Walmart would be a pretty quick deal, but Aly, Brooklyn, and their friend Cassidy had to stop and check out all the toys between trick or treating departments.

Aly did a lot better this year last year she wanted to stop and eat each piece of candy as she recieved it this year the challange was to get her to say "Trick or Treat" she preferred just to hold open her bag at any given person that might have candy.

Aly and Brooklyn with their cousins Talia and Milo

Friday, October 24, 2008

My girls best friends...Worst enemies

It is so fun to watch my girls interact more and more now that Brooklyn is getting older. Some of my favorite moments are when they are in the bath tub together at night and get a case of the giggles, they will laugh and laugh it is so cute. We had to turn the door knob on their bedroom door around so we could lock it from the outside to get Aly to stay in their room at night. So a lot of times when I come home in the morning from the paper out I can hear Aly and Brooklyn in their room playing and laughing.

Funny enough some of the times that stress me out the most are the same times. Some nights the girls will be taking a bath and Brooklyn will start screaming and I go in and find that Aly is sitting on top of her and she is just trying to keep her head above water and Aly is laughing while Brooklyn has a look of terror. The other night I put both girls to bed and Brooklyn cried and cried, so after about 45minutes and she still had not calmed down I went in to find that Aly had crawled into her crib and fallen asleep and was taking up the whole crib so Brooklyn was just sitting on the edge of the crib trying to be comfortable.

Some days I can not wait to see how great of friends they are going to be and other days I think if they keep fighting this much as they get older I am going to go crazy. I love my girls

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. ~Author Unknown

I have a question for all of you neat freaks out there. How do you do it? I am serious how do you find enough time in the day to keep an immaculate (or even clean) house and do everything else? This is a talent I would really like to have, but it seems that I just fall further and further behind. So what are your secret strategies?

I am trying to make some effort my mom and I are currently swapping a day at each others house once a week to get our deep cleaning done this includes washing walls, baseboards, cleaning window sills, cleaning blinds, washing out cupboards and throwing away clutter. We thought one day would be enough to attack one room, but my kitchen ended up being a two day project. I really need to do a better job staying organized. How do I accumulate all this stuff?

I just created a list of things that I would really like to change about myself and one is to be cleaner and more organized. So I need your secrets keeping in mind that I only have about 2-3 hours a day to devout to any house work. Is that my problem? Do I not give it enough time?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September here and gone

Is it just me or did September just fly by? I can not believe fall is here, but I am really excited I love fall, I love the way the air smells when it is cool and crisp and I love the colors. So this is just a quick blog of some of the things we have been up to this month.

The fist of September we went up and spent the day with our extended family and the Haslers at fish haven, but we never actually got around to fishing...go figure. We just sat around and visited and ate good food and celebrated Foote's birthday a little late with my family.

Foote and I did a couple day camping trip, just the two of us. I was clad that I left the girls with my mom because I froze. Of course I am kind of a wimp when it comes to camping, especially when its cold at all. I told Foote that I decided that I am a June - August camper ONLY... Yeah Right. He is already trying to talk me into going snow caving with him, and I always give in. I just hate the thought of maybe missing out on something that might be fun.
Just to explain picture, I picked out the perfect set of trees for my hammock first and when Foote couldn't find any trees for his, he just came over and hung his from the same trees. So we had bunk bed hammocks. A little weird and not so comfortable.

We also had some killer chipmunks that I was really worried about. They would come up and sit right next to me on the table when I was eating or cooking, so I had to get a picture. They were so bold, they even hung out in the fire pit.

We also took the girls out on the canoe one weekend. Foote thought it would be fun to spend some time in the canoe as a family. I think sometimes he forgets we have a 1 and 2 year old. It was almost comical I wish I could have filmed it.

Brooklyn spent most of the time trying to climb out of the boat into the water so I had to keep a hold of her so she wouldn't go overboard. Aly insisted that she needed to paddle and kept trying to reach for it and almost fell in the lake. Then when she was given the paddle, she let it go and it floated away from the boat. Then decided since she couldn't paddle she would have a chip, but instead of grabbing from the opening of the bag she picked the bag up by the bottom and dumped them all over the floor of the canoe. She then proceeded to scream and cry as loud as she could.. so much for our peaceful outing on the boat which led to Brooklyn deciding that screaming and crying was not such a bad idea, out in the middle of the lake with two screaming girls..life doesn't get any better than this.

So we compromised I was tired of fighting with Brookie to stay in the boat so Foote dropped Brookie and I off at the nearest shore, Aly took my seat Foote tied a rope around one of the paddles and gave it to her and Foote and Aly had a great boat ride while Brookie and I enjoyed the view from the shore. Aren't family outings great?..Well at least entertaining.

So that has been some of the highlights of our September.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Devotional Time

We have been trying to have a miniature devotional every night with the girls before we put them down for bed. I will have to try and record it one of these times because it has become quite entertaining the more and more Aly talks.

Mom - Do you remember who Nephi's dad was?
Aly -um.....
Mom - Remember we talked about Nephi's dad last time his name is Lehi
Aly - oh yeah Lehi
Mom - Remember they had to leave there home and go in the wilderness and they had to camp
Aly -And they build a boat
Mom - That's right they had to build a boat. Very Good!
Aly - Yeah they had to build a boat so they could go down the river and get away from the dragon. And I was so scarred it was a green dragon and he says Roar!! And I run into the house.
Mom - A Dragon?????

No stopping Aly now devotional time is all hers
Yeah a big dragon and it flies through the air and has fire in its mouth and I run fast because I so scarred. I say stop dragon! stop!
Mom - What about Nephi and Lehi?
Aly - They run fast too. into the house

Such a cutie.

What? You want a doll? Really?

Every year for Christmas my mom would get me a doll of some form or another. I never asked for a doll but I always got one. My mom believed that dolls were the best gift for any little girl and so I had a collection of dolls from Christmas and birthdays that I rarely played with and were more often P.O.W.'s for my brothers playing war. In fact the other day when we were at Grandmas house Aly asked me what had happened to the doll she was playing with, it had a big red circle on its chest. How do I tell my two year old that is a bullet hole that your uncle brad drew on my doll one time when they were pretending to be hunting and this doll happened to be the target. (Have no fear even though it sounds like my brothers were on the road to being serial killers they have all turned out normal....so far) Because It always bugged me that I always ended up with a doll even when I never requested one, I have never bought a doll for my girls for any Christmas or birthday In fact we have one small doll in the house and that was only because at Aly's first Christmas my mom made me feel so guilty about not giving her a doll I bought the cheapest one I could find to stuff in her sock.

So recently I have been rethinking my position on having dolls and it is because I keep finding my girls substituting the most bizarre things for dolls. They are always wrapping up lotion bottles or silverware in washcloths or towels and rocking them to sleep. Almost every night I find Aly in the tub rocking the shampoo bottle to sleep, but this past week topped it all as Aly spent all day hauling around the diaper pale (which was empty so at least it did not smell). She informed me that the diaper pales name is Mango. She fed Mango, put Mango to sleep and even sat next to him to read him some stories. I felt sorry for her trying to lug Mango around, he is almost as big as she is so I guess it is time to get over my anti doll feelings and get the girls some dolls...sigh

Carve it up

It has been a long time since we have gone long boarding and every time we do I feel like I need to be a punk teenager to skateboard, but it is so fun I don't care. The ditch is one of our favorite places to go because it is less accident prone than some of the other places we have gone in the past our last skate trip to Garden of the Gods left me with some major road rash and it took about three months before it all cleared up.

Camille Skating the Ditch

Foote Skating the Ditch

Sunday, August 31, 2008

How We Celebrated

Any of you that may have read our post in the past you know that I have been a real slacker when it come to fathers day, our anniversary, and birthdays in the past. This year I completely forgot our anniversary all together. So I decided this year that I had to do an over the top birthday for Foote to make up for some of my slacking off. I really wanted it to be a surprise and something he would really like.

He has always wanted to go skydiving so I decided, that is what I would do for his birthday. The only reason I was a little hesitant is because I knew he would want me to go with him and I had no desire to go sky diving myself. I finally decided the least I could do after all my slacking off was jump out of an airplane.

There is skydiving just outside Florence Colorado of all places and that is only about 45 minutes away. So Friday when Foote came home from work we dropped off the girls at my parent house and left for Florence. Foote had no idea what we were doing I wanted it to be a total surprise. I put the river tubes in the car to throw him off so he would think we were going back to Florence to go tubing down the river again.

We got to the skydiving place at 6:00 pm and took a three hour course on jumping out of the plane we practiced exiting the plane and landing so we would not get injured we went over and over what to do in an emergency how to throw our reserve parachute in case our main parachute did not open, or opened incorrectly. The class ended at 9:00 pm and we were going to meet the next day at 8:00am to do our first jump.

I got really lucky and was able to reserve the best little bed and breakfast in Florence for the night it was right on the river and had some really beautiful property. It was perfect when we pulled up at 9:00 they had a fire in their fire pit and had stuff for us to roast marshmallows and make s'mores. Our host also had some cupcakes and sparkling cider in our room to celebrate Foote's birthday. So we sat by the fire and visited with our host and were able to get a good night sleep before the big day.

Saturday morning we went back to the airport and did our first jump I will not lie, I was afraid I would not be able to climb out of the plane going 80 mph at 3500 ft in the air, but I did it and it was SO SO FUN! In fact we both decided to splurge and jump twice because we had such a good time. Foote was not scared at all, but was completely excited. Unfortunately it was hard to get a good picture because the plane was so small and the jump master was in front of the door when we were jumping.

We then decided after our day of skydiving to go back to the bed and breakfast and go tubing down the river. Our host was nice enough to drop us off up river so we could float the river and just relax. After floating the river we headed back to Colorado Springs and met Footes parents who took us out to dinner for his birthday.

So I am not bragging, but I think I did a pretty good job with my over the top birthday for Foote. It was all worth it to see how excited he was about skydiving. It was a very long day, but so much fun.

Happy Birthday to My Foote

Friday was Foote's birthday so this post is just a few of my favorite things about my Foote.

I am always amazed at the vast amount of knowledge he has about so many things. When he chooses to do something he puts his whole heart into it and I love that about him. For example, when he decided to do Real Estate he spent all his time learning anything and everything about Real Estate law and negotiation to make himself the best at what he does.

I have always loved that Foote is a man of action he does not like to talk about doing things he just wants to do them. I am one of those dreamers that says, "wouldn't it be nice to someday go out of the country on a family vacation?" and Foote will make it happen. He does not wait and say yeah that would be nice some day, but is a firm believer in living life now not later.

He has an amazing way of not letting anything stress him out or discourage him, his attitude is that there is no point in worrying about anything because it never helps. I can tell him news that has stressed me to the point of tears and instead of getting upset and frustrated he just immediately makes the impossible happen. I love that he can just hold me and tell me that everything is going to be ok and I know that it will be.

I love how thoughtful he is of others. He spends countless hours fixing computers, loading iPods, and burning movies or discs for friends or people he thinks might like them. He is always offering his large collection of audiobooks and movies to anyone with and iPod that might enjoy them. I remember when Natalee started driving and my parents did not have an extra car for her to drive he did not even hesitate to offer her his truck to drive. I asked him are you sure that's a good idea? She is a new driver and there is a good chance she could have an accident. his response was, it's just a truck it's not that big of a deal. He is so good at putting people first things second.

I love that he is such a great dad. The girls cry every morning when he leaves for work. Which I have to be truthful sometimes makes me feel a little bad, it is as if they are saying, no dad don't leave us with this crazy lady all day. And when he gets home as soon as they hear the garage door open they are at a full sprint to be there when he opens the door to the house yelling DADDY DADDY DADDY. They adore him and I know it is because he is so good with them.

I love the time and effort Foote puts into our marriage he is constantly planning big and little surprises for me as well as little getaways for just the two of us. When he gets home he will follow me around the house while I am making beds or folding clothes and tell me about his day or talk to me about the girls it is just such a great feeling to know that he still enjoys listening to what I have to say even if it is boring or lame.

I love that Foote is always trying to make everyone around him laugh. He is always teasing or tickling me. It is just such second nature for Foote to try and turn any tense moment into a moment to laugh. I remember I was at my parent's house and opened their freezer door and a huge container of nuts fell out of the freezer and all over the floor. I of course was completely upset because of the big mess that now needed to be cleaned up. Foote's response was "Oh nuts"

I love Footes persistence I have never known or met anyone that will persist at anything as long as Foote. He refuses to give up and I think that is one of the biggest reasons we are married. Looking back I can not believe he stuck it out when we were dating despite everything I did to discourage him while we were dating.


Thanks for making me so happy.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Floatin the Arkansas

This last weekend my brother Preston and his son Gavin invited us to go tubing with them on the Arkansas river down in Florence. Florence is the town were I went to junior high and graduated from high school it has been a long time since I have been back. We used to float the river all the time in the summer when we lived there so it was fun and brought back some fun memories. I can't believe that it has been 10 years since high school summers playing on the river (I am getting so old).

It was fun and nice to just relax and lounge in the river. Aly and Brookie had a good time except for the few times we got dumped off the tubes and we went really late in the afternoon so the sun started going down before we were done so it was a little cold but we will definately have to do some more tubing before the end of the summer.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

So after looking at my last post I realized that all the pictures I had were mostly of the girls playing in the pool so here are some other photos of our fun week.

Aly's ready to go fishing with Grandpa

The not so nice little pony

A natural hot springs in the river really cool. We may have to do a hike back to it next year.

My crazy husband ready to do some cliff diving. (don't worry the guide wouldn't let him dive he had to jump.)I was to much of a wimp the water was to cold.

Enjoying the Mountian Top views after riding up on the gondola

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Week in Vail

We spent this last week at our time share in Vail. It was so nice to get away and have a change of scenery and pace. Foote's parents came up on Thursday and spent a couple days with us as well. The girls of course loved to play in the pool and would have been ok to just do that all day everyday. Brooklyn is following in Aly's wake, she is completely confident in her ability to swim without help as long as she has her water wings on. It is so cute to watch her crawl to the side of the pool and lower her little legs in and drop off the wall into the water.

Some of the highlights of the week were:

Lounging in the hot tub every night after the girls were in bed and enjoying the quiet, grownup conversation.

Brooklyn and Alyson's excitement as we rode the Gondola up the ski slope and enjoyed the beautiful mountain views

Foote's parents watching the girls so he and I could spend half a day on the Colorado river in an inflatable kayak

Sneaking off with my mother-in-law to get a pedicure

Eating Haagen Daas ice cream while listening to the live music at the Vail arts festival while people watching.

All the great mountain trails to do my morning runs on and take our evening walks on.

spending the day at Piney Lake, so beautiful! Great Scenery and Aly and Brookie loved the horses except Aly wasn't being very careful while feeding the pony and it bit her finger OUCH!!!, but she still had fun.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Triathlon Update

I have decided that for my first triathlon my performance was acceptable. I have now a benchmark to go off of. I did a triathlon sprint so the distances are not to long. I did a 750m swim 13mile bike ride and a 5k (3.1 mile) run. I felt like my swim took FOREVER, mostly because I have not done very much swimming training, and I don't like the freestyle stroke so I did the breaststroke for most of the swim. I could definitely shave some time off my swim with a little more training.

I ended up renting a road bike at the last minute, and I am so glad that I did because I didn't have to worry about the back pain. I still haven't trained enough on a road bike that I am very proficient with all the gears so I did spin out going down the hills, but overall I thought the biking was not too bad. So with a little road bike training, I could definitely shave some time off there as well.

The run went ok, I was still sad not to have any music, but I guess it definitely makes the transition time go faster. Plus the course had a lot of doubling back so if I could not hear the instructions I may have been really confused. It's just nice to have one under my belt, so that I now know what to expect next time.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Triathlon Stress!!

Tomorrow is my first triathlon and I am beginning to stress a little bit. I am not sure how I feel about the Lake swim at 7:30 in the morning without a wetsuit. I didn't want to worry about trying to rent a wetsuit and thought it might be a little bit of a drag to swim in a wetsuit for 750 meters, but now I am hoping I will just be brave enough to get in the water I am a wimp when it comes to cold.

I have done most of my biking training on the spin bikes at the qym and a little bit on my mountain bike. My mountain bike is in sad form it really only has one gear that works consistently and needs some serious help so I tried to talk Foote into buying me a road bike, but since even the cheap ones are about $600.00 he was not going for it. So he bought me a bike a $10.00 ten speed off of craigslist that is totally 80's. I feel like I should put my hair in a side pony tail just to ride it. I am really glad to have a bike that works to compete on I am just a little worried because every time I ride it I get to about mile eight and my lower back really starts to hurt. I know its not just because my back muscles are weak because I can ride a lot longer on my mountain bike or on my spin bike no problem. It has something to do with the ergonomics of the bike. I have tried adjusting the seat and handle bars, but nothing seems to help. I will just have to toughen up and bear it.

To add to the stress I received an email on Thursday of this week from the company that I ordered my tri shorts and top from a couple weeks ago. They wanted to let me know they were out of stock and would not be able to send my shorts until the 30th which is a little bit of a problem because my race is on the 26th. So needless to say yesterday I was a little stressed because there is really not very many places to buy triathlon gear here in the springs and there was no time to order anything online. Foote came to my rescue and spent about an hour on the phone with the company that messed up my order they ended up overnighting a completely different outfit which is suppose to be an upgrade I am not really sure I really liked what I had picked out, but at this point I am just grateful that I will actually have something to wear tomorrow.

I thought well at least I should have no problems with the running portion of the race. I read the rules and found out that there is no use of MP3 players at all. I don't know if this is standard procedure for all triathlons, but I am really bummed I hate running without music because if I hear myself breath than I think I am more tired than I actually am.

So needless to say I am a little worried about how tomorrow will go, but it will be nice to complete a race so that I will at least know what to expect next time.

Our Camping Trip

We took off Tuesday morning on a camping trip for our anniversary. We went to eleven mile reservoir which is about an hour from Colorado Springs. At first I was a little disappointed because every time I think of Eleven Mile I think of this big desolate lake out in the middle of nowhere, but I completely forgot that on the east side of the lake are some great back country camp sites that are really nice and only accessible by boat or a long hike. Our site was perfect the canoe pulled right up to where we pitched our tent and we even had our own little private cove to swim in that was surrounded by huge rocks. It has been awhile since I have done any camping and I forgot how much I love it. We were able to do some swimming and fishing. Although I have to say I am not much of a fisherman I spend more time trying to get my line untangled than actually fishing, but it was still a lot of fun. And the food was so good Foote put together some tin foil pork chops for the first night and I have to admit I was a little skeptical but they were so so good and he even made peach cobbler for dessert in the dutch oven, you can't beat that. On Wednesday we took the canoe over tho the marina store and just about got caught in a big storm on the way back, we were riding over 3 foot swells in our foot and a half deep canoe, and occasionally we had couple white caps carry us for a while, like surfing in a canoe. The trip was so perfect and everything went great other than, as we were packing up all our gear in the canoe to come home, I accidentally dropped my digital camera into the lake and it is now having major problems hopefully it will get over them and still work. Luckily the memory card seems to have no problems in water so we have a few pictures to post of our trip.