Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Love my iPod(s)

I have to say that even though I am not much of a technology junkie I am so glad that I am married to one. It is so nice to have all the convenience of the latest gadget without having to know all the details of making it work. There are some draw backs as well, I can't even count how many times Foote and I have had the "You can't buy it because it's not really a need it's just a want" conversation.

I am not very good at spending any money on myself or letting Foote spend money on me either so usually when it comes to gifts, I give Foote few to no ideas so Foote usually ends up getting me something he would like. It usually works out because he is so excited about the gift and what it can do and how it works that I end up being excited. He would make a great salesperson (oh wait he already is).

So for Christmas one of my gifts was an iPod Nano which would probably be great gift in many peoples minds except he has already given me an iPod video 30gig and an iPod mini. I didn't think another iPod was really necessary. He informed me that the nano would be perfect for workouts because it is so small and light weight. I have to admit it has been a lot nicer than my other iPods to work out with and although I am not at all convinced I needed it I am grateful for it.

Today I was thinking how grateful I am for my iPod. Foote is so good to always keep my iPod loaded with new books, movies, and music it's so nice. Foote spends lots of time checking out music, audio-books and movies from the library and than downloading them on to his various external hard drives so that we now have a small library of our own at our finger tips without the expense or the space that having all those movies. books, and CDs would take up. My iPod is my escape I can be feeding children, doing laundry, cleaning the house and at the same time be able to escape into a book. I am now addicted to audio-books and am always excited to pick out new books to have loaded on my iPod not to mention how nice it is to have a whole library of music and movies at my finger tips. So here is my plug for audio-books I think they are a great way for busy mothers to still be able to keep up with the literary world. I also think that audio-books are the best cure for road rage if you are an impatient driver or easily annoyed by the slow old lady in front of you just have an audio book playing and it is no longer a big deal. So thank you Foote the fact that you are a technology junkie makes me want to smile and pull my hair out all at the same time.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cold Cold...go away

The last month has been constant coughs and runny noses as well as the crying and whining that goes a long with being sick. I feel like the doctor and I are on a first name basis and that is not a good thing.

I have always been a really healthy person I occasionally get a cold in the winter,but thats about it. In fact until I was pregnant I could not even remember the last time I went to the doctor other than for a physical I think it was probably in elementary school.

I have been to the doctor more in the last several months than I have in the last two decades.(other than for pregnancy) I took Brooklyn in for her 6mo wellness vist the beginning of December. A couple weeks later she was having a hard time breathing and so I finally decided that I should have her checked out the doctor said she had a touch of croup, but nothing serious and perscribed some medication to help clear it up. The next week was Christmas when the flu bug went through our house and poor Aly had diarrhea for about 3 days as a result she had a horrible diaper rash it was bleeding so bad that she could not stand to be cleaned up at all no matter what I did I could not get it cleared up. So back to the doctor who advised that it was a combination yeast infection diaper rash and gave me a perscription to clear it up and also advised that I should give Aly a flu vaccination while I was there. OK why not. Brooklyn had recived one at her 6mo check up and seemed to be able to avoid the flu bug. I was then advised that Aly would need to come back for a follow up flu shot since it was her first time to have the shot as well as Brooklyn. So they scheduled them to come in again on the first of Feburary.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn who never completly recoved from her raspy breathing has now progressed to having a stuffed up nose and coughing to the point of gagging which sounds very disturbing, but I knew it was just a cold so I did the best I could to help her get over it. Aly gets the cold as well and coughs and coughs constanly. I am constanly wiping noses and holding crying babies so after two weeks with no improvement and everyone comenting that their coughs sounds really bad I finally decide to take them both into the doctor to make sure everything is ok. Only to be told they just have colds. I hate that. While on the one hand I am glad they are not seriously sick I hate going to the doctor to be told they just have colds it makes me feel like the hypochondriac mother who takes her kids in the doctor for everything.

To top it all off we get to go back to the doctor in another couple weeks for a follow up flu shot and than again a couple weeks after that for another wellness visit.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Late Schedule...not a fan

Ok, I know that it doesn't sound good to complain about church, but I hate the 1:30 schedule and as of the beginning of the year we switched to the 1:30 schedule. This means that we don't get out of church until 4:30. PM... Last week I made it through sacrament and spent the rest of the time with either Aly or Brooklyn in the foyer. I come home from church completely exhausted and drained. Today I had both Aly and Brooklyn in class with me because Aly was not feeling very well and we decided it might be nice of us to keep her away from all the other nursery children. To make the situation worse Foote was asked to substitute in nursery and since he never passes up a chance to have snack time and play with toys he said he would help. Besides, everyone knows that all the kids love him, but that left me alone with both girls in class. After class I had a sister stop and say it is exhausting just watching you. (amen to that sister)

Aly's nap-time is at 11:30 and she will nap as late as 2:30 or 3:00 so waking her up before she is done sleeping at 1:00 so we can make it to church on time makes her a little monster by the end of it. Brooklyn usually takes an afternoon nap about 3:00, but since we are at church she just fights off sleep and becomes a little grouch. It would be nice if it ended there but even when we get home the girls are whiney and tired and it is to late to put them down for a nap if we want them to go to bed on time. We have a year of Sundays left and I am already counting them down. Just had to vent a little

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Holidays are over......Sigh

Well its time to return back to our normal routine of things. We had a great Christmas spending time with family, family and more family. Everyone was in town at the Hickmans so needless to say with all eight kids, spouses and kids it does not take long to get a little crazy. It was a little sad to know that it may be the last time for awhile that we will all be home for Christmas since Ed is going to start his new position in Washington DC in June and it is just harder and harder to go to far for Christmas as families get bigger and older.

We had a lot of fun we spent Christmas Adam with Foote's family making pizza and visiting. Aly had a great time helping with the Pizza she thought all the cheese she put on the pizza should go in one place and was very displeased when she had help spreading it out.

We spent Christmas eve at the Hickmans eating pizza again traditional worry free Christmas eve food. We read the Christmas story and sang Christmas carols. And spent the rest of the evening playing games and visiting. Aly and Hazel had a great time chasing Aspen (Brad and Jenny's dog) all around the house and even hanging out in her kennel when they got the chance.

Christmas day we had a small Christmas at home Foote and I have a tradition of getting each other some kind of gift that will keep us busy in battle. Last year it was Nerf dart guns and we spent about two hours battling around the house this year surprised us with silly string and although the battle was short and sweet I think we both agree that I was definitely the winner. Unfortunately Foote had the camera so you don't get a chance to see how bad he lost. After our little Christmas morning we set off for the Footes for the traditional big Christmas morning breakfast (so good!) and than opened gifts. Brooklyn recieved a little toy pig from uncle Bob that immediately became Alysons she fed the pig and hauled the pig around the rest of the day. There was a big snow storm Christmas day so the drive back to the Springs for Christmas afternoon at the Hickmans was a little slow going. We spent Christmas afternoon playing games having a big Christmas dinner and eating pie and everything else that we shouldn't

I have to say it is nice to be able to go home at the end of the day and sleep in our own beds and enjoy our quiet house. It is like having the benefits of visiting with the great feeling of being able to escape the craziness when needed. We spent the day after Christmas having family pictures taken which was a feat in itself considering that on Christmas day we were still trying to figure out who was taking our pictures and where we would take them.

We spent the next week fighting off the 24 hour flu as it spread from one person to the next. We invited Hazel to go with us to Pump it up on Thursday, but she was sick so It was just Aly, Brooklyn, and Ginger. The next day we went to Mr. Biggs which is a family fun center and they have a little town for kids preschool age and younger so all the little girls had a great time playing in the little town and in the sandbox. Aly had a great time playing in the sand until she realized she was getting dirt on her clothes and than she wasn't so excited about the sandbox. Hazel on the other hand was completely at home in the sandbox since she spends a lot of time at the beach in the summer. Aly was a big fan of the firehouse and was really upset when I told her she needed to share the fire truck with all the other kids.

Aly had a little bit of the sickness the next day, but was feeling well enough to go swimming with everyone in the afternoon she was in heaven she loves swimming she just walks into the pool until she can't keep her head above water and even than she will just keeps going. I think she made all the life gaurds very nervous with her no fear attitude to the water. One thing that is so nice about going swimming is that it completely drains energy so all the little ones took a nice long nap some of them were so tired they did not even last the whole time Brooklyn was ready to be done swimming after the first thirty minutes. Sunday we spent more time with the Hickmans having family dinner and playing games.

For New Years we spent the early evening at the Hickmans just playing games and getting little ones to sleep and than Foote and I were lucky to sneak out to our friends the Goulds and had a good time hanging out with all our friends and bringing in the New Year, we even braved the cold to watch the first four fireworks on top of Pikes Peak and than we wimped out and went back in the house.

So we are so glad for all the time we were able to spend with family. We love and miss you all already and hopefully it won't be long before we will get a chance to see everyone again.