Saturday, January 5, 2008

Holidays are over......Sigh

Well its time to return back to our normal routine of things. We had a great Christmas spending time with family, family and more family. Everyone was in town at the Hickmans so needless to say with all eight kids, spouses and kids it does not take long to get a little crazy. It was a little sad to know that it may be the last time for awhile that we will all be home for Christmas since Ed is going to start his new position in Washington DC in June and it is just harder and harder to go to far for Christmas as families get bigger and older.

We had a lot of fun we spent Christmas Adam with Foote's family making pizza and visiting. Aly had a great time helping with the Pizza she thought all the cheese she put on the pizza should go in one place and was very displeased when she had help spreading it out.

We spent Christmas eve at the Hickmans eating pizza again traditional worry free Christmas eve food. We read the Christmas story and sang Christmas carols. And spent the rest of the evening playing games and visiting. Aly and Hazel had a great time chasing Aspen (Brad and Jenny's dog) all around the house and even hanging out in her kennel when they got the chance.

Christmas day we had a small Christmas at home Foote and I have a tradition of getting each other some kind of gift that will keep us busy in battle. Last year it was Nerf dart guns and we spent about two hours battling around the house this year surprised us with silly string and although the battle was short and sweet I think we both agree that I was definitely the winner. Unfortunately Foote had the camera so you don't get a chance to see how bad he lost. After our little Christmas morning we set off for the Footes for the traditional big Christmas morning breakfast (so good!) and than opened gifts. Brooklyn recieved a little toy pig from uncle Bob that immediately became Alysons she fed the pig and hauled the pig around the rest of the day. There was a big snow storm Christmas day so the drive back to the Springs for Christmas afternoon at the Hickmans was a little slow going. We spent Christmas afternoon playing games having a big Christmas dinner and eating pie and everything else that we shouldn't

I have to say it is nice to be able to go home at the end of the day and sleep in our own beds and enjoy our quiet house. It is like having the benefits of visiting with the great feeling of being able to escape the craziness when needed. We spent the day after Christmas having family pictures taken which was a feat in itself considering that on Christmas day we were still trying to figure out who was taking our pictures and where we would take them.

We spent the next week fighting off the 24 hour flu as it spread from one person to the next. We invited Hazel to go with us to Pump it up on Thursday, but she was sick so It was just Aly, Brooklyn, and Ginger. The next day we went to Mr. Biggs which is a family fun center and they have a little town for kids preschool age and younger so all the little girls had a great time playing in the little town and in the sandbox. Aly had a great time playing in the sand until she realized she was getting dirt on her clothes and than she wasn't so excited about the sandbox. Hazel on the other hand was completely at home in the sandbox since she spends a lot of time at the beach in the summer. Aly was a big fan of the firehouse and was really upset when I told her she needed to share the fire truck with all the other kids.

Aly had a little bit of the sickness the next day, but was feeling well enough to go swimming with everyone in the afternoon she was in heaven she loves swimming she just walks into the pool until she can't keep her head above water and even than she will just keeps going. I think she made all the life gaurds very nervous with her no fear attitude to the water. One thing that is so nice about going swimming is that it completely drains energy so all the little ones took a nice long nap some of them were so tired they did not even last the whole time Brooklyn was ready to be done swimming after the first thirty minutes. Sunday we spent more time with the Hickmans having family dinner and playing games.

For New Years we spent the early evening at the Hickmans just playing games and getting little ones to sleep and than Foote and I were lucky to sneak out to our friends the Goulds and had a good time hanging out with all our friends and bringing in the New Year, we even braved the cold to watch the first four fireworks on top of Pikes Peak and than we wimped out and went back in the house.

So we are so glad for all the time we were able to spend with family. We love and miss you all already and hopefully it won't be long before we will get a chance to see everyone again.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like your holidays were great. I love the picture of Brooklyn in her santa dress, so cute.
You and Foote crack me up. Was anyone injured in your silly string war? If Jared and I start anything like that our kids always end up getting hurt.