Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Love my iPod(s)

I have to say that even though I am not much of a technology junkie I am so glad that I am married to one. It is so nice to have all the convenience of the latest gadget without having to know all the details of making it work. There are some draw backs as well, I can't even count how many times Foote and I have had the "You can't buy it because it's not really a need it's just a want" conversation.

I am not very good at spending any money on myself or letting Foote spend money on me either so usually when it comes to gifts, I give Foote few to no ideas so Foote usually ends up getting me something he would like. It usually works out because he is so excited about the gift and what it can do and how it works that I end up being excited. He would make a great salesperson (oh wait he already is).

So for Christmas one of my gifts was an iPod Nano which would probably be great gift in many peoples minds except he has already given me an iPod video 30gig and an iPod mini. I didn't think another iPod was really necessary. He informed me that the nano would be perfect for workouts because it is so small and light weight. I have to admit it has been a lot nicer than my other iPods to work out with and although I am not at all convinced I needed it I am grateful for it.

Today I was thinking how grateful I am for my iPod. Foote is so good to always keep my iPod loaded with new books, movies, and music it's so nice. Foote spends lots of time checking out music, audio-books and movies from the library and than downloading them on to his various external hard drives so that we now have a small library of our own at our finger tips without the expense or the space that having all those movies. books, and CDs would take up. My iPod is my escape I can be feeding children, doing laundry, cleaning the house and at the same time be able to escape into a book. I am now addicted to audio-books and am always excited to pick out new books to have loaded on my iPod not to mention how nice it is to have a whole library of music and movies at my finger tips. So here is my plug for audio-books I think they are a great way for busy mothers to still be able to keep up with the literary world. I also think that audio-books are the best cure for road rage if you are an impatient driver or easily annoyed by the slow old lady in front of you just have an audio book playing and it is no longer a big deal. So thank you Foote the fact that you are a technology junkie makes me want to smile and pull my hair out all at the same time.


Jenny said...

We all benefit from the technology junkies out there. It is nice to know one. If you are looking to get rid of an extra Ipod you can always donate it to me :)
Actually maybe I'm not the best recipient. Like you I am slow to do the downloading and inputing. I have had my Ipod shuffle for two years and it only has 5 songs on it and I have a $50 dollar gift certificate to Itunes that I have not used. I'll get around to it someday.

Angie said...

Hi Camille! I agree it's so nice to have a tech brain in the family! :) It was so good to hang out these last couple of days at Pump it Up. It was fun to watch our girls conquer their fears. :) I'm so glad you have a family blog too, we'll definitely be frequent visitors. :) Just in case, our blog is djfam.blogspot.com

Disco Mom said...

Wow, 3 ipods. I've wanted one for years. If I ever actually got to go to the gym or do anything else by myself I would probably be embarrassed to bring my cd player, if I could even find it. It's good to appreciate what you've got, and you've got a good sitch there with your techie.

PS- Jenny, give me yours and your itunes giftcard - you won't even know they're gone!