Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Alyson!

Happy Birthday Alyson! (sorry it's a day late) Its hard to believe that Aly turned two yesterday she is so much fun and adds so much to our family. So this blog is all about Alyson. Her current loves are books but not just kids books she has a facination with big books especially scriptures and can spend an hour just turning the pages over and over again. She loves to jump and thinks it would be better if she jumped to wherever we are going instead of walking. This can be very entertaing and very time consuming, especially when we are in a hurry. She loves nursery and has never cried when she's left there. I really think it is because they feed her, she loves that and has been nicknamed The Camel because she constantly asks for a refill of her water. Her teachers can not believe how much she will drink. She loves her little sister Brooklyn and always talks to her in a high pitch voice or baby talk that you often hear adults using it is so funny. She loves Elmo's world and loves to count and say and sign her ABC's. She is a very determined little girl and likes to have things her way or she is very unhappy. (I know those of you related to me you are thinking, sounds familiar. Yes, I see a lot of myself in Alyson good and bad.) The other day when she was angry at Foote she sent him to time out which I found very funny and had to try hard not to laugh. Alyson loves swimming, when we came back from Cancun she spent the next week worth of bath time trying to swim the length of the tub.

Enjoy now this little slide show 52 pictures of Aly

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today is a sad day for Aly and I since it is the last time we will be able to go to Pump it Up playtime for free. For those who do not know what Pump it Up is it is a room full of big inflatable toys that parents and kids can play on. What I love about it is that they have playtime three times a week for kids six and under only and two and under is free. Playtime is great because it goes for an hour and a half right before nap time so it allows kids to run and jump and wear themselves out for a great nap.

This winter I have taken full advantage of Pump it Up and some weeks have even gone all three days since it is not far from our house. Aly went so often that she was able to master all the ladders and complete the obstacle course all by herself but was to chicken to go down the slides by herself the part that most kids like and can usually handle on their own. Our last days there would go something like this: she would climb into the obstacle course and I would tell her that I wasn't going to go with her because It was a little tricky to do while holding Brooklyn and the last five times was enough for me. So Aly would say "Alright" and start into the obstacle course by herself and about five minutes later she would be at the top of the slide yelling, "Mom help me please!" I would spend the next few minutes trying to coax her down the slide and usually ended up having to go through the whole obstacle course with Brooklyn to go down the slide with Aly. So today for the first time she went down the slide all by herself. I couldn't help thinking figures the last day we can come play for awhile and you finally can go down the slide by yourself. Oh well we had a lot of fun times at Pump it Up and will miss our weekly tradition.

Aly will turn two on Tuesday so our free days are over and I am not likely to dish out the six bucks it cost to go on a regular basis. I have decided that having a child turn two is kind of a sad birthday for the parents because it means the end to a lot of great free things like free passes into Pump it Up, free flights, all our bus rides and trips in Cancun were free for the girls because they were under two. For a cheapskate like myself it is hard to say goodbye to the freebies.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I miss my hammock

(a note about vacations, it's hard to get back into the swing of things. It's taken me a week to put this blog together, mostly because all I want to do is take my iPod to the beach and listen to my book while resting in my special hammock in the shade while the girls play in the sand. So I started this two days after we got home and then asked Foote to help me finish, and when I say help, what I mean is "will you just do the rest for me? but do a good job, I don't want to look like a slacker.")

We're home from Cancun, our vacation is offically over. It was a lot of fun even though it was a little crazy with two babies. I know that they will probably not remember it but I will remember it and I'm glad we took them.

We spent a lot of time swimmming in the pool mostly because of how hot it was and also because even though Aly liked the ocean she was a little scared of the pull from the tides coming in and out which I guess is understandable considering the littlest waves could knock her down. We bought her a little pair of water wings and after the first day she mastered them and could completely swim on her own as long as she had them on. She would get annoyed if we tried to help her or swim to close. I was afraid she was going to give some old person a heart attack. The pool had a lot of big shallow water shelves that would drop off into deep water so Aly would wonder around in the shallow water until she found someone who would pay attention to her usually a poor unsuspecting retiree and smile at them and they would smile at her and start talking to her. and than out of the blue she would saunter over to the edge and jump into the deep water and they would start to panic in an attempt to get to her and save her and by the time they got to her she had started swimming away and smiling back at them like Ha! you thought I couldn't do it. She would do this over and over. It was not to long before Aly had her own little fan club of everyone that was impressed that the baby could swim on her own.

We also spent a day in Xcaret which was a lot of fun. It had some real Mayan ruins and although they were pretty small Aly had a great time climbing on them and exploring. We also went swimming in an underground river with the girls which was so nice because it was really hot. The park also has remakes of how the Mayan people used to live it was all very interesting. We then went to the beach where Foote and I wanted to relax in the hammocks and take a nap but Aly was having none of that so we rested while she and Brooklyn played in the sand but our naps were cut short as Aly somehow managed to find a piece of gum someone had spit out and had it all over her hands and arms. We ended the day at a nighttime show which was a performance of Mexican heritage and history I was afraid that Aly would not sit still for it but she loved it and was mesmerized by the dances. It was a fun and long day.

But have no fear Foote and I did get in a lot of hammock time I have decided there is nothing better than relaxing on the beach in a hammock I love it. We also were able to get in some great walks on the beach.

Monday, February 4, 2008

This doesn't look like Phoenix!!

One thing that I love about Foote is that he loves to surprise me. For example, when we were first married I would go to get in my car after work and there would be a note or a cooler with my favorite juice and popsicles. He used to surprise me a lot with little weekend getaways either to a neat little bed and breakfast or camping, it’s a little harder to do with little ones. He loves to plan things without me knowing and I have to admit I love it.

But this time he took me totally off guard. He told me a few months back that he had a software training class in Phoenix for a few days and wanted to know if the girls and I wanted to come. I wasn’t really excited about the idea because I picture him in class all day while I am in our hotel room hanging out with two babies. So I told him that I thought we would just stay home, but he talked me into it. He said we would stay a whole week so that when his class ended after three days we could spend the rest of the time together as a family. I thought well even though Phoenix isn’t on the top of my list of places to visit at least we could getaway for a while.

So I pack the girls and myself for Phoenix. Thinking well it’s winter in Phoenix so even though it’s warmer than Colorado most people will probably be wearing long pants. I tell all my family and friends that we are going to Phoenix. The day before we leave for Phoenix I have to take the girls in to the doctor for a flu shot and Foote wants to ask the doctor if he has any recommendations of what we can give the girls to help them fall asleep on the plane and I am thinking it’s only going to be a two hour flight I think we will be fine without drugging them.

So we get to the airport and are checking our luggage and the person at the counter keeps asking if we are checking in for Mexico and I keep telling him no we are flying to Phoenix and he just gives me this blank stare and than he asks again if we are going to Mexico and Foote says, “yes” and I am thinking what an idiot please don’t tell me he thinks Phoenix is in Mexico. And than he conspiratorially says “she doesn’t know yet”. Complete shock. We are going to Mexico? What about your class? Is it in Mexico? Come to find out it was all made up and he planned on taking us all on a vacation to Cancun Mexico! Yeah!....Wait I don’t have a single pair of shorts packed for myself or the girls. The plane ride has now doubled in time and both girls are flying for free so that means they are on our laps. So my little panic radar starts to go off at the same time as my happy and excited radars (so confusing).

The flight could be its own blog lets just say Aly was not in her best form and had a complete meltdown just as we were taking off and I was thinking there is no way we can make it four hours. When we arrived in Mexico we had some major problems and confusion with our car rental and ended up not having a rental car so by the time we found a shuttle and got to our hotel and checked in it was 8:00pm We left Denver at 11:00 am so it was a very long day especially with two babies in tow. But all that is behind us now we are relaxing in the sun and I am blogging from Cancun.

Can life get better than this in February?

I'll post some pictures soon.

Here we go: