Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Alyson!

Happy Birthday Alyson! (sorry it's a day late) Its hard to believe that Aly turned two yesterday she is so much fun and adds so much to our family. So this blog is all about Alyson. Her current loves are books but not just kids books she has a facination with big books especially scriptures and can spend an hour just turning the pages over and over again. She loves to jump and thinks it would be better if she jumped to wherever we are going instead of walking. This can be very entertaing and very time consuming, especially when we are in a hurry. She loves nursery and has never cried when she's left there. I really think it is because they feed her, she loves that and has been nicknamed The Camel because she constantly asks for a refill of her water. Her teachers can not believe how much she will drink. She loves her little sister Brooklyn and always talks to her in a high pitch voice or baby talk that you often hear adults using it is so funny. She loves Elmo's world and loves to count and say and sign her ABC's. She is a very determined little girl and likes to have things her way or she is very unhappy. (I know those of you related to me you are thinking, sounds familiar. Yes, I see a lot of myself in Alyson good and bad.) The other day when she was angry at Foote she sent him to time out which I found very funny and had to try hard not to laugh. Alyson loves swimming, when we came back from Cancun she spent the next week worth of bath time trying to swim the length of the tub.

Enjoy now this little slide show 52 pictures of Aly


Anonymous said...

I love the towel picture of the two girls! Too cute!

I'm beyond jealous that you got to go to Cancun! It sounds like you had a great time.

When will we see you next? It seems like forever since we've seen you guys!

Valeri said...

Well hello fellow-blogger! I love discovering friends who have blogs (I saw the link on Shannon's)! It looks great - it's so cheerful!

Aly's birthday invitation was great. When Chloe saw it she got so excited and said, "That's Elmo!"
Unfortunately we aren't going to be around on Saturday. I'm sorry!!! But I hope the party goes well!