Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today is a sad day for Aly and I since it is the last time we will be able to go to Pump it Up playtime for free. For those who do not know what Pump it Up is it is a room full of big inflatable toys that parents and kids can play on. What I love about it is that they have playtime three times a week for kids six and under only and two and under is free. Playtime is great because it goes for an hour and a half right before nap time so it allows kids to run and jump and wear themselves out for a great nap.

This winter I have taken full advantage of Pump it Up and some weeks have even gone all three days since it is not far from our house. Aly went so often that she was able to master all the ladders and complete the obstacle course all by herself but was to chicken to go down the slides by herself the part that most kids like and can usually handle on their own. Our last days there would go something like this: she would climb into the obstacle course and I would tell her that I wasn't going to go with her because It was a little tricky to do while holding Brooklyn and the last five times was enough for me. So Aly would say "Alright" and start into the obstacle course by herself and about five minutes later she would be at the top of the slide yelling, "Mom help me please!" I would spend the next few minutes trying to coax her down the slide and usually ended up having to go through the whole obstacle course with Brooklyn to go down the slide with Aly. So today for the first time she went down the slide all by herself. I couldn't help thinking figures the last day we can come play for awhile and you finally can go down the slide by yourself. Oh well we had a lot of fun times at Pump it Up and will miss our weekly tradition.

Aly will turn two on Tuesday so our free days are over and I am not likely to dish out the six bucks it cost to go on a regular basis. I have decided that having a child turn two is kind of a sad birthday for the parents because it means the end to a lot of great free things like free passes into Pump it Up, free flights, all our bus rides and trips in Cancun were free for the girls because they were under two. For a cheapskate like myself it is hard to say goodbye to the freebies.

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