Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Weekend at the Cabin

This last weekend was so nice Foote surprised me with a weekend getaway to a small cabin in the mountains. As I have mentioned in the past that Foote loves to put together surprises for me. You think I would catch on eventually, but because I am not the most observant person I usually miss all the clues to what is going on. He told me on Wednesday that he had a client that wanted to sell her cabin and so he would have to go up to take a look at the property and take some pictures. He asked if I wanted to ride up with him, it’s not really unusual for the girls and I to ride with him when he drives out to take pictures and get information about a property, so I said ok and did not really think any more about it. He told me that he already talked to my mom and she said she would watch the girls because we would have to take the truck up since it may require some 4-wheel drive to get to the property. On Thursday we dropped the girls off at my mom’s house and left for the cabin, which is about and hour out of Colorado Springs. When we arrived at the cabin I noticed that the book he currently has checked out from the library was on the table. How did your book get up here? Have you already been up here? He than tells me that we have the cabin for the next couple of days. He had come up earlier that day with all our clothes and food that we would need for the weekend so that he would not give the surprise away by loading everything into the truck. He had also gone by my mom’s house earlier with the girl’s clothes and things they would need for the weekend.

We used to do little weekend getaways like this a lot and when we were talking about it I could not believe that the last getaway we had done with just the two of us was right before Aly was born over two years ago. So it was nice to rest and relax and lounge in the hot tub and not have to worry about cooking dinner for anyone because Foote did all the cooking. (Which was really, really good he makes and excellent breakfast burrito). So thank you to my wonderful husband for another great surprise. It was perfect.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We have had a great time over this last weekend celebrating Easter. Friday Aly had a great time dying eggs at her cousin Talia's house. She insisted that she needed to stir the egg the whole time it was in the dye and out of the six eggs she dyed I think only one did not end up cracked, but she had a great time. She could not understand why she could not have more than one egg in the cup of dye at a time so she would put her secound egg in and push down as hard as she could to get it to fit in the dye with the first egg and end up cracking both of them.

On Saturday we went to Grandma and Grandpa Foote's House. I am so lucky to have such great in-laws. Foote's mom loves to put partys togeather for the grandkids. She had prepared an easter egg bucket for each of the girls with goodies and treasures in them and then she assigned each of them their own color of eggs to find, so that the older kids don't dominate and find all the eggs leave none for the smaller kids. It also allows her to hide them at each childs age level so that while Brooklyn's eggs are out in plain sight Aly's are a little harder to find. Aly had a great time with her cousins Natalie and Sabra. After their Easter egg hunt the girls were able to dye eggs. Aly again instisted on stirring the egg the whole time, but at least this time she didn't crack any. After dying eggs we had a little lunch, with deviled eggs of course, and Natalie had a great time helping peel the eggs after she was done she requested to go to the store and buy more eggs to peel. After lunch Grandma had put togeather a little family home evening and she taught the girls why we celebrate Easter. It was a short 10 minute lesson, about the crucifixion and resurrection but it was perfect for their age and I thought it was a great reminder mixed in with the celebrating. We then spent the afternoon visiting and had some easter cupcakes and ice cream. It was such a fun day and apart from the candy overload and some pretty crazy sugar highs and lows from the girls it was great. Thanks grandma Foote for such a fun day.

Suday we went to church and then went to Grandma and Grandpa Hickmans for dinner. At dinner grandma had put togeather some eggs with symbols and the story of Christ crucifixion and resurrection so we heard the Easter story again and then spent the evening visiting and playing games. So thanks to all our family for such a great weekend of celebration.

P.S. Brookie is Cute

Monday, March 17, 2008

Friday Night Campouts

We have decided to start a new family tradition - Friday night campouts. Hopefully this will give us all some good practice as the next camping season gets closer and closer. I am so excited for summer I am ready to get out and play and enjoy beautiful Colorado. This year I want to hike at least one 14er a month as a family if not more. For anyone who does not know what I am refering to, Colorado has 54 peaks above 14,000 ft they are refered to as 14ers. I am so excited to sit around the campfire and just enjoy being outdoors. Ok enough dreaming about summer I really should get out and enjoy the snow a little more before it is gone. Plus there is no way I would ever want to skip Spring. I love to watch all the trees blossom and enjoy the weather when it is not to hot and not to cold.

Anyway, so after our first family night campout I decided that maybe it should be an every other week thing mostly because I like camping I just don't like having to pack up afterwards. I don't like trying to fit the tent back into the bag that it never fits into again and I hate trying to get the sleeping bags rolled up as tight as possible. Luckily Foote is an expert in both these areas and doesn't mind doing it. SO I guess as long as Foote doesn't mind packing up after our campouts we can do it every week.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What the heck is Parkour

Ok I consider myself a really supportive wife when it comes to encouraging Foote in whatever his interests might be. Foote has always been the type that if he decides to do something he does it. I am the type that says wouldn't it be nice to some day......and I may or may not get around to it. I remember the first year Foote and I were married he told me he wanted to paraglide and so I said that would be fun thinking that was the end of it only to find out that he set up an appointment that weekend to meet with a paragliding instructor long story short we now both own paragliders and although we have not been paragliding for a long time because I have either been pregnant or had a baby we are paragliders.

This last week Foote has found another sport he would like to try and of course it is never anything normal like golf or hopscotch. He has decided he wants to do Parkour or Free Running. It is a relatively new French sport in which people run and jump over things. It is hard to explain Parkour it is French for obstacal course so it means running through obstacles. I will include some videos because it is easier to see than to try to explain.

At first I thought he was joking mostly because Foote doesn't really like to run and secondly everyone in the videos is like 150lbs and Foote is a little heavier than that. I have a few concerns about this new interest First, it looks like the type of sport that incurs injuries and second, Foote has this amazing ability to get me involved in whatever his recent interest is and I find myself thinking yeah I could do that it would be fun and than end up on the injured list. For example, when Foote convinced me that I would love long boarding and I did like it. It was a lot of fun, but I also could have done with out the road rash all the way up my leg across my arm and on my head that took three months to heal. It is a weakness of mine to feel like I must try everything before I totally write it off.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Celebrating Aly's Birthday

Alyson has been lucky to have a couple chances to celebrate her birthday. We had a party in Castle Rock with Foote's family, his mom put it together and Alyson loved being the center of attention. I put a party together for Alyson and her friends, we celebrated her birthday on Saturday. We did an Elmo/Sesame Street party for her and she loved it. The kids put toppings on pizzas and while they waited for their pizzas to cook we played Journey to Ernie all the kids had to look for eggs and they all had their own color to look for. It was great because the weather was 68 degrees and we were able to hide the eggs outside. It was so nice that we decided to just stay outside for the opening of the gifts and for the duck pond game which as you can tell from the pictures was a big hit all the kids just wanted to play in the water forget the game. Alyson did pretty well until the end. Once nap time hit it was all downhill from there. Today is Sunday and it is 20 degrees. That is crazy Colorado weather one day it is like summer and the next day it is bitter cold. So we are very grateful for the perfect weather and for all the friends that were able to come.

Help I am a Cheapskate Addict

Over the last year and the half I have become the queen of coupon shopping. I never thought that I would be a coupon shopper the idea of me clipping coupons to save a few cents used to be comical. Until at an enrichment night when a sister showed how she was saving more money than she was spending at the grocery store and actually had receipts to prove it I could not belive the amount of groceries she was buying for little or nothing at all.

Now I am an addict it is bad so bad in fact that if I have to pay full price for anything it makes me depressed. Now I walk through Walmart and think are you serious who would pay that much for a box of cereal? Thats not a good deal. I have decided it is pointless to fight off my cheapskate ways, it is in my blood, I can't help it. It is funny it is kind of like those people who are really rich but can only obsses about making more money. It is as if the more I save the more I become obssesed about saving even more money. I come up with all kind of schemes on how I am going to get rainchecks from 4 different stores so I can get over 100 packages of free hotdogs, 20 cases of free apple juice, 50 boxes of granola bars, 40 pints of free ice cream.....the list goes on and on. The funny thing is that we live in a little townhouse and so food storage space is very limited, but does that stop me. no.

Next week is Quaker week that means it is the time of year to stock up on Quaker products 50 cent boxes of granola bars, 50 cent Life cereal. The sad thing is I still have a couple cases of granola bars from the last Quaker week do you think thats going to stop me? NO WAY!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's a miracle! I have a technological opinion

I with my limited technological knowledge, have decided that I am a big MAC fan. Foote decided that he wanted to switch over to Mac last year when he decided that he needed a new computer and a month later talked me into it even though I was really reluctant. Life is so much easier on a MAC, the commercials are true! I have to say the switch over is a little awkward at first, but so nice once you get used to the differences. The part I love the most is no more worry about spyware and viruses it is nice not to constantly be running programs to make sure everything is ok with the computer which I hated doing because I always forgot. The more I use the mac and get used to it, the more I love it. I am very impressed with all my apple products my mac book, my ipods, and our apple TV that I am so glad we made the change. Here are some of my favorite Mac commercials.