Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Celebrating Aly's Birthday

Alyson has been lucky to have a couple chances to celebrate her birthday. We had a party in Castle Rock with Foote's family, his mom put it together and Alyson loved being the center of attention. I put a party together for Alyson and her friends, we celebrated her birthday on Saturday. We did an Elmo/Sesame Street party for her and she loved it. The kids put toppings on pizzas and while they waited for their pizzas to cook we played Journey to Ernie all the kids had to look for eggs and they all had their own color to look for. It was great because the weather was 68 degrees and we were able to hide the eggs outside. It was so nice that we decided to just stay outside for the opening of the gifts and for the duck pond game which as you can tell from the pictures was a big hit all the kids just wanted to play in the water forget the game. Alyson did pretty well until the end. Once nap time hit it was all downhill from there. Today is Sunday and it is 20 degrees. That is crazy Colorado weather one day it is like summer and the next day it is bitter cold. So we are very grateful for the perfect weather and for all the friends that were able to come.

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Angie said...

Aly's birthday party was so much fun! Thanks for the goodies and fun things to do. Cassidy sure had a wonderful time!