Monday, March 17, 2008

Friday Night Campouts

We have decided to start a new family tradition - Friday night campouts. Hopefully this will give us all some good practice as the next camping season gets closer and closer. I am so excited for summer I am ready to get out and play and enjoy beautiful Colorado. This year I want to hike at least one 14er a month as a family if not more. For anyone who does not know what I am refering to, Colorado has 54 peaks above 14,000 ft they are refered to as 14ers. I am so excited to sit around the campfire and just enjoy being outdoors. Ok enough dreaming about summer I really should get out and enjoy the snow a little more before it is gone. Plus there is no way I would ever want to skip Spring. I love to watch all the trees blossom and enjoy the weather when it is not to hot and not to cold.

Anyway, so after our first family night campout I decided that maybe it should be an every other week thing mostly because I like camping I just don't like having to pack up afterwards. I don't like trying to fit the tent back into the bag that it never fits into again and I hate trying to get the sleeping bags rolled up as tight as possible. Luckily Foote is an expert in both these areas and doesn't mind doing it. SO I guess as long as Foote doesn't mind packing up after our campouts we can do it every week.

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Jared and Kalleen Wright said...

It would be so fun to come and join you guys on one of your adventures. We'll have to talk.