Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Weekend at the Cabin

This last weekend was so nice Foote surprised me with a weekend getaway to a small cabin in the mountains. As I have mentioned in the past that Foote loves to put together surprises for me. You think I would catch on eventually, but because I am not the most observant person I usually miss all the clues to what is going on. He told me on Wednesday that he had a client that wanted to sell her cabin and so he would have to go up to take a look at the property and take some pictures. He asked if I wanted to ride up with him, it’s not really unusual for the girls and I to ride with him when he drives out to take pictures and get information about a property, so I said ok and did not really think any more about it. He told me that he already talked to my mom and she said she would watch the girls because we would have to take the truck up since it may require some 4-wheel drive to get to the property. On Thursday we dropped the girls off at my mom’s house and left for the cabin, which is about and hour out of Colorado Springs. When we arrived at the cabin I noticed that the book he currently has checked out from the library was on the table. How did your book get up here? Have you already been up here? He than tells me that we have the cabin for the next couple of days. He had come up earlier that day with all our clothes and food that we would need for the weekend so that he would not give the surprise away by loading everything into the truck. He had also gone by my mom’s house earlier with the girl’s clothes and things they would need for the weekend.

We used to do little weekend getaways like this a lot and when we were talking about it I could not believe that the last getaway we had done with just the two of us was right before Aly was born over two years ago. So it was nice to rest and relax and lounge in the hot tub and not have to worry about cooking dinner for anyone because Foote did all the cooking. (Which was really, really good he makes and excellent breakfast burrito). So thank you to my wonderful husband for another great surprise. It was perfect.


Angie said...

It was fun swimming with you and Aly today!

So, what is Foote up to next? What a fun surprise. That would have been so relaxing being all alone in the wilderness with your sweetheart. I'm so glad you guys had a chance to spend a great time together as a couple. :)

Wright's said...

Okay, Jared is getting sick of me showing him your post. Maybe next time he'll catch the hint. Looks like to fun. I am so impressed that Foote did all that packing himself. Jared doesn't even pack for himself.