Sunday, May 4, 2008

The dilemma of toilet paper

I went to check on Brooklyn and found her in a pile of toliet paper. She was kind enough to pull it all off the role and pile outside the bathroom door. I couldn't help, but think to myself, wait didn't we just go through this phase? Didn't we just learn to leave the toilet paper on the roll? And I realized, we did just go through this, but it was Aly that I was working with to leave the toliet paper alone. It is the joy of having kids 15mos apart as soon as you think a phase is over it starts all over again with the next one. When Aly went through the 'it so fun to pull toilet paper off the role phase' it was no problem I just had to remember to close the bathroom door. This time that is not an option because Aly is potty training and can not open the door by herself so the bathroom has to be easily to accessible at all times. Aly only adds to the toliet paper problem because even though she only pulls toliet paper off the role when using the bathroom she can not tear it without pulling off about three feet that she does not need. So all toliet paper in order to be safe can not be hung on the wall. I was thinking by the time Aly figures out how to tear just the right amount of toilet paper off the roll and Brooklyn grows out of the pulling toliet paper off the roll is fun stage it will probably be time for Brooklyn to start potty training and once agian the tp will not be safe on the roll so it may be about two years before our toliet paper can safely hang on the wall again.

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Wright's said...

Try the use a whole roll of tp everytime you go to the bathroom. When I say use I mean unrolling the whole roll and leaving it in the toilet for me to try and flush down. I have 5 plungers and we literally go through a costco pack of tp every other week. Don't ask me why my kids think they need whole roll to be clean. Luckily they have learned that if they flush it will flood or we would be in big trouble. It just gets a little embarissing when we have company over.