Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Night Out

I have decided that the Elephant Bar is my new favorite resturant. Foote and I have gone to eat there about four times over the last year and everthing I have tried on their menu was really, really good. One of Footes co-workers, as a thankyou gift for some consultation work Foote did with him on a recent closing, presented Foote with a gift certificate to the Elephant Bar. So Foote had me arrange for my mom to take the kids while he took me out. We don't usually get dessert when we go out to eat, but we decided, since we didn't have to pay for it, that this time we would treat ourselves to the choclate brownie. I could not believe it when they brought it out it took up the whole plate this is my kind of resturant if your going to do dessert might as well do it right.

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Cristi said...

Alan and I loved Elephant Bar when we in Colorado Springs, too! How are you guys? Long time no see!