Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Swimming Lessons Again

Aly started swimming lessons this week with her friends Cassidy and Kyle. She was so excited she loves the water and thinks that she can swim all by heself. She has become so independent lately that she refuses to let me help her and looks for every opportunity to swim away from the wall by herself. Our lessons generally go something like this: I will try and help her float on her tummy, "No Mommy I do it, I do it" at which point she wiggles herself out of my arms and begins sinking in the water on her own kicking and splashing as hard as she can. After about 5 secounds under the water I help her back to the surface hoping that she will now realize that she needs my help, but instead she comes out smiling and we go through the routine again. So hopefully we will make it through our classes without her drowning. Cassidy and Aly took classes together a year ago and loved them so I included a picture of them from the first time they took classes together. It is always fun to see how much they have changed in a year.


Valeri said...

Sounds just like Chloe... little Miss Independent. Chloe enjoyed her swimming lessons too. I'll probably enroll her again this Fall.

I love the Kids' "Latest" on your sidebar... that's a cute idea.

Thanks for the "Congrats!" Chloe is quite nurturing... sometimes she just gets a little too confident (like thinking it's perfectly fine to pick up a newborn and walk around).

Anonymous said...

I've decided that you are spoiled! Seriously.....weekend at the cabin, trip to Mexico. Where does it end, dangit!

Cute swimsuit pics!

Wright's said...

cute pictures, but I have to say I was a little disappointed. I was waiting to hear about all the terrible things you and Foote did to each other on April Fools day. No Jokes?