Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Grateful for the small things

I was having a conversation with Foote the other day it was one of my woe is me discussions. Unfortunately, I have these more often then I should. I get a little discouraged and stressed about life and then I have a hard time trying to keep things in perspective, and I begin listing everything that is wrong with life currently. Usually about thiry minutes after my ranting I begin to feel really guilty because I know that no matter how bad life gets I know my trials are minuscule compared to most people in the world. So I have decided to do better about aknowledgeing when good things happen that I should be grateful for on a more regular basis.

So this is my first "I am grateful" blog: While throwing a paperout it is common to run stop signs, make illegal turns, drive on the wrong side of the street, consider red lights as yield signs etc... it is 2:00am and unless it is a really busy intersection it is not likely that anyone else will be there. Well of course with my luck I ran a red light right as a police officer turned the corner. It was so deliberate that I thought for sure I was going to get a ticket, but he let me off with a warning which was good because I kept running into him the rest of the morning. I was at the 7-11 and he walked in the door and said "Nice to see you again." So today I am grateful that I did not have to pay a $100 ticket and that a nice officer took pitty on me.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My sister Natalee graduated this past weekend. All my brothers and sisters were in town except for Ed. It was so great to see everyone. It will be so strange to not have Natalee around. I have decided it would be hard being the youngest of eight kids and Natalee takes it in stride. We are always giving her advice on what she needs to be involved in at school, who she should date, where she should go to get the idea the list goes on and on. Natalee is so good she just takes it all in, and I have to admit she is an amazing girl.

Since this is my blog I can brag about her and since I don't think she reads it very often, I don't have to worry about giving her a big head. While most of us were pretty involved in highschool in either sports, student council, or clubs we also went to really small schools so it was a little easier to be involved in lots of things. Natalee has managed to be involved in everything and goes to a school of about 2500 students. she played soccer and basketball until she blew out her knee as a junior and decided to give up basketball so that she could play soccer her senior year. here is a list of all the things she has been involved in or done that I know of; she is pretty quiet about everthing she is doing, but mom usually fills me in. She was president of National Honor Society, On student council, everytime there was a dance either prom or homecoming she was always nominated to the court and was prom princess her junior year, The faculty all select one boy and one girl from each class each year that exemplifies excellent leadership and academics for Scorpian of the year award and she recieved the award both her junior and senior year she is graduating in the top 10% of her class and is involved in a lot more that I don't even know. I am most impressed with her level of self confidence and conciousness of those around her. I am constantly being told by other adults at church and from the community how impressed they are with Natalee. I did not realize her influnce on her peers until I worked with the YW in my ward who all knew Natalee and it did not matter if they were twelve or eighteen she was friends with them and they would all come up and hug her and she was always so excited to see them and was great at making them feel good about themselves. I know that she is going to love college life and we will all miss having her so close she is a awesome aunt and sister.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I have once again joined the ranks of working moms. Well at least for the next six weeks and then we will see if I think I can handle the early morning life still. I am throwing papers again, so back to getting up at 2:00am and trying to creatively sneak in little naps throughout the day. If I have to work I prefer to work at night so that I can still be home with the girls during the day. Although you may find it hard to believe that I have any energy left during the day our daily routine has really not changed that much except that now instead of getting a lot done around my house while the girls nap, I am napping as well.

My first day back someone said to me, "I remember you the last time you were here you were like 8 months pregnant". So at least this time I am not pregnant. It also hasn't really been that hard this time to get used to being up all night. I guess after so much time working through the night my body has just learned to adjust. So if I become a blogging slacker you will know why.

Here is some of the latest photos from our house.

I came down stairs the other day to find Aly using the water out of the fish bowl to brush her teeth. I am so glad we have done a good job teaching her such great personal hygiene.

My cute girls always so willing to help it is a wonder I get anything done in my house with them always at my feet. Aly loves to put any clothes she can find into the dryer it does not matter if they have been cleaned or not. And Brooklyn unloads the dishwasher about as fast as I can put the dishes in they make house work so much more fun and intresting.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The dilemma of toilet paper

I went to check on Brooklyn and found her in a pile of toliet paper. She was kind enough to pull it all off the role and pile outside the bathroom door. I couldn't help, but think to myself, wait didn't we just go through this phase? Didn't we just learn to leave the toilet paper on the roll? And I realized, we did just go through this, but it was Aly that I was working with to leave the toliet paper alone. It is the joy of having kids 15mos apart as soon as you think a phase is over it starts all over again with the next one. When Aly went through the 'it so fun to pull toilet paper off the role phase' it was no problem I just had to remember to close the bathroom door. This time that is not an option because Aly is potty training and can not open the door by herself so the bathroom has to be easily to accessible at all times. Aly only adds to the toliet paper problem because even though she only pulls toliet paper off the role when using the bathroom she can not tear it without pulling off about three feet that she does not need. So all toliet paper in order to be safe can not be hung on the wall. I was thinking by the time Aly figures out how to tear just the right amount of toilet paper off the roll and Brooklyn grows out of the pulling toliet paper off the roll is fun stage it will probably be time for Brooklyn to start potty training and once agian the tp will not be safe on the roll so it may be about two years before our toliet paper can safely hang on the wall again.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I am ready for Summer

What is the deal with this weather? You would think after living in Colorado I would be used to it by now, but there are still days when all I can say is "What is the deal?"

Here is a picture of Aly and Brooklyn yesterday playing at the park it was so hot that I kept trying to find shade to stand in.

Here is today. "What is the deal?"