Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Grateful for the small things

I was having a conversation with Foote the other day it was one of my woe is me discussions. Unfortunately, I have these more often then I should. I get a little discouraged and stressed about life and then I have a hard time trying to keep things in perspective, and I begin listing everything that is wrong with life currently. Usually about thiry minutes after my ranting I begin to feel really guilty because I know that no matter how bad life gets I know my trials are minuscule compared to most people in the world. So I have decided to do better about aknowledgeing when good things happen that I should be grateful for on a more regular basis.

So this is my first "I am grateful" blog: While throwing a paperout it is common to run stop signs, make illegal turns, drive on the wrong side of the street, consider red lights as yield signs etc... it is 2:00am and unless it is a really busy intersection it is not likely that anyone else will be there. Well of course with my luck I ran a red light right as a police officer turned the corner. It was so deliberate that I thought for sure I was going to get a ticket, but he let me off with a warning which was good because I kept running into him the rest of the morning. I was at the 7-11 and he walked in the door and said "Nice to see you again." So today I am grateful that I did not have to pay a $100 ticket and that a nice officer took pitty on me.


Wright's said...

I love that you took a picture of the cop pulling you over. You should be grateful I've never gotten away with just a warning.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you get up and do the paper route every day! You are incredible!

I love the picture of your family on your header. Super cute!

The kids and I will be at the family reunion. Are you still planning on being there? I hope we'll see you!

Valeri said...

You're a trooper, Camille! I'm glad the cop let you off with a warning. You deserved it (mostly for being willing to get up at 2am and deliver papers!). Glad you're recognizing the things you have to be grateful for. Believe me, I know it's difficult, but in the end it's rewarding. :)