Monday, May 12, 2008

I have once again joined the ranks of working moms. Well at least for the next six weeks and then we will see if I think I can handle the early morning life still. I am throwing papers again, so back to getting up at 2:00am and trying to creatively sneak in little naps throughout the day. If I have to work I prefer to work at night so that I can still be home with the girls during the day. Although you may find it hard to believe that I have any energy left during the day our daily routine has really not changed that much except that now instead of getting a lot done around my house while the girls nap, I am napping as well.

My first day back someone said to me, "I remember you the last time you were here you were like 8 months pregnant". So at least this time I am not pregnant. It also hasn't really been that hard this time to get used to being up all night. I guess after so much time working through the night my body has just learned to adjust. So if I become a blogging slacker you will know why.

Here is some of the latest photos from our house.

I came down stairs the other day to find Aly using the water out of the fish bowl to brush her teeth. I am so glad we have done a good job teaching her such great personal hygiene.

My cute girls always so willing to help it is a wonder I get anything done in my house with them always at my feet. Aly loves to put any clothes she can find into the dryer it does not matter if they have been cleaned or not. And Brooklyn unloads the dishwasher about as fast as I can put the dishes in they make house work so much more fun and intresting.

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You are crazy, I don't know how you do it.