Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My sister Natalee graduated this past weekend. All my brothers and sisters were in town except for Ed. It was so great to see everyone. It will be so strange to not have Natalee around. I have decided it would be hard being the youngest of eight kids and Natalee takes it in stride. We are always giving her advice on what she needs to be involved in at school, who she should date, where she should go to college...you get the idea the list goes on and on. Natalee is so good she just takes it all in, and I have to admit she is an amazing girl.

Since this is my blog I can brag about her and since I don't think she reads it very often, I don't have to worry about giving her a big head. While most of us were pretty involved in highschool in either sports, student council, or clubs we also went to really small schools so it was a little easier to be involved in lots of things. Natalee has managed to be involved in everything and goes to a school of about 2500 students. she played soccer and basketball until she blew out her knee as a junior and decided to give up basketball so that she could play soccer her senior year. here is a list of all the things she has been involved in or done that I know of; she is pretty quiet about everthing she is doing, but mom usually fills me in. She was president of National Honor Society, On student council, everytime there was a dance either prom or homecoming she was always nominated to the court and was prom princess her junior year, The faculty all select one boy and one girl from each class each year that exemplifies excellent leadership and academics for Scorpian of the year award and she recieved the award both her junior and senior year she is graduating in the top 10% of her class and is involved in a lot more that I don't even know. I am most impressed with her level of self confidence and conciousness of those around her. I am constantly being told by other adults at church and from the community how impressed they are with Natalee. I did not realize her influnce on her peers until I worked with the YW in my ward who all knew Natalee and it did not matter if they were twelve or eighteen she was friends with them and they would all come up and hug her and she was always so excited to see them and was great at making them feel good about themselves. I know that she is going to love college life and we will all miss having her so close she is a awesome aunt and sister.

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Valeri said...

What a great tribute to your sister. Congrats on her graduation.

I love the name Natalie (I know your sister spells it with two e's). It's on our list of possible baby girl names.