Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vacation, Got to Love it!!

As mentioned in Foote's previous blog we spent the last week at Powder Ridge Resort. We had a family reunion on Thursday at Pineview Reserviour so we decided to just make a week of it and went online to see if we could swap our timeshare for something close to the reunion and were excited to find a timeshare only 12 miles from the reservoir. I told Foote "we should take the bikes if its close enough that we could just ride to the reservoir if we want to." We didn't end up taking the bikes because it was going to be to much of a pain to haul them all the way to Utah. It turned out to be wise, I am so glad we left our bikes behind because our timeshare ended up being on the very top of a mountain yes only 12 miles from the reservoir, but all 12 were straight up no way I could ride up the mountain without killing myself. We were only about 100 yards from the top of the mountain drop off point for the ski lift. So we were able to enjoy beautiful views and I had some great morning runs across the top of the mountain looking down at spectacular views from every side and the wild flowers were just starting to bloom so it was beautiful.

The view from our condo on top of the mountain

Foote and Brooklyn enjoying the view from the ski lift

We arrived Sunday morning about 1:00am, when we left Colorado Springs the GPS said we should arrive at 11:00 so our road trip took forever. Mostly because we had to take some very long sanity stops with the girls and I was trying to e-mail directions for my paper out to Natalee since she was going to cover my paper rout the last night for me. Also GPS took us to some random residential neighborhood and told us we had reached our destination so being lost in the middle of the night did not help at all. When we finally arrived I received a call from Natalee letting me know that she had not received my directions so I had to try to stay up to give directions to her over the phone. Which was kind of funny because she would call me about every twenty minutes for the next directions and wake me up from sleeping and I would start telling her directions and it would be making complete sense to me and Natalee would say "Camille I can't understand anything you are saying" I remember telling her once "Don't forget to stock it with whole foods"(whatever that's suppose to mean). So needless to say it was a long night/morning.

But no worries the next couple days were full of lounging by the pool, basking in the sun, and long lazy naps.

The Ideal Drive

What the drive was like on the way home from Salt Lake.
Wednesday we decided to go to Salt Lake to meet up with my friends Kalleen, Lichelle and my cousin Maggie. On the way there our van overheated several times and we ended up getting there about an hour late. After a nice afternoon hanging out and visiting with friends Foote went to get our van fixed, but we had waited to late in the day and all the garages were closing so we decided to just drive our van back to the timeshare. It did not help that we decided to leave right in the middle of rush hour traffic (which right now on the north side of Salt Lake is a nightmare due to construction) and that every 10 miles we had to stop and pour water into the radiator to cool it off and even though it was like 80 degrees outside we had to run the heater at full blast to help keep the engine cool. and that the last 12 miles was straight up a mountain. Lets just say it was a very long drive our drive that should have taken about an hour took about four hours. I was so glad to finally get back to our condo where I could close the door to screaming girls. I told Foote we have had way to many of these kind of trips together, last time we were stuck in Green River Utah for 3 days and I ended up riding home on a bus with 9 month old Alyson, that was a nightmare.

But Have no fear everything gets better on Thursday we took the car into a shop and left it there to get a new radiator while we went to play all day at the reservoir. We had a great time, Aly is such a little water baby, so she loved it. What can be better than basking in the sun, eating food, and spending time with family? Not to mention that I won both my kayak races (oh yeah I forgot we weren't racing). I was so glad that almost all my brothers and sisters were there it made it a lot of fun.

Friday we spent some more time at the resort in the pool and we decided to let Brooklyn borrow Aly's water wings she thought it was great and could swim on her own as long as she had them on. The only problem was that I was so used to Aly just doing her own thing since she can swim on her own with water wings that I totally forgot she did not have any on when she jumped into the family hot tub and could not touch bottom so after a near drowning experience for Aly I sent Foote off to buy another pair.

We journeyed home on Saturday and had no more problems with the car yeah!


Jared and Kalleen Wright said...

It was so nice to see you guys, I'm still mad that things were so crazy that I couldn't just enjoy the extra time with you. I'm so glad things went better after that horrible drive back the resort. I love the picture of your girls crying on the way home. We have all been there, we might as well laugh about it.

Lichelle said...

It was so fun to hang out with you guys. Tell Foote that I am still dying about the rat story.

Sorry about all the van drama!

E-mail me and I will send you info to see my blog:

Cristi said...

Looks like a great time! :)