Sunday, July 20, 2008


Friday I came home from taking the girls swimming to find flowers on the counter. "Are these flowers for me?", "Why did you get me flowers?"

Foote's response "You really don't know?"

Thinking.....thinking.......still thinking......."Oh no!! Its our anniversary!" I forgot... again.

I feel like scum I don't know why I never seem to remember it. Isn't it typically the guys job to forget? Not with us it is always me. I just can't seem to remember. The sad thing is that I did remember around the last week of June and thought to myself this year I am going to do something really great because I always forget, and that was the last time I thought about it.

All week Foote has been planning a canoeing trip with me and the girls and I kept making comments like remember it was one of our very first dates to go canoeing and we almost tipped over like three times it still never registers that that is why he is planning the canoeing trip as a reminder of when we first met and started dating. So we spend a few hours canoeing with the girls on Friday and than when we get home Foote has arranged for my sister Natalee to be there to bath the girls and put them to bed so we can go out for a night on the town. He also lets me know that he has already worked everything out so that we can do a couple days campout just the two of us this next week. So thanks again Foote for a perfect anniversary. I am so grateful for the energy and effort you are always putting into our marriage my life is full of little adventures and surprises because of you.


Wright's said...

Camille you kill me. Maybe I'll send you a reminder next year. Oh, yeah I can't remember anything either.

The Goulds said...

That is funny! Happy 5, it's our 5 this year too. I hope you enjoy camping! It's nice to just get away together sometimes.