Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our little Runaway

So tonight Aly and I were reading together and when we were finished we put some stickers on her chart for the summer reading program that she is doing. I told her that she had read enough for her prize and that we would have to take the chart with us to the library at her next visit. She thought that I meant we were visiting the library tonight and was very upset when I explained to her that we would not be able to go until the next day. She was so upset and began saying "I need to run away, I am running far away" where does she get this stuff? she is only two. But this is the latest any time something does not go her way she informs me that she is running far away.

I had to laugh to myself because when I was a kid I was notorious for the run away threat and even made some pretty good efforts. I remember when I was about eight my dad was so upset that we would not shut off the TV and do our chores that he went to pull the TV off the stand to put it away and tore cord in half making the TV totally inoperable. My brother Brad and I were so upset that we decided we were definitely going to runaway so Brad left out the front door while I went down stairs and began packing in the biggest suit case I could find. I packed my quilt, some canned food in case I got hungry, a can opener, my paper route bag so I could still sneak back in the mornings and throw my paper route. I ended up filling the whole suitcase plus another smaller one. I then decided I would run away to the mountain which was actually just a hill down the street from our house. So out the door I went and it only took me about an hour to haul the suitcase the five blocks to the mountain and about another two to climb the mountain with my big suitcases in tow. I got to the top and set up my little house with all my supplies from my suitcase and realized it was about dinner time and decided to pack up and go home. I remember thinking to myself the next time I runaway I am going to do it like Brad and not take anything.

Another time I was running away at Christmas time and as I was about to leave one of my older brothers said. "good I guess we will get to have all your presents." So I got a big trash bag and loaded all my presents from under the tree in it to take with me. I left with my presents in tow and found a place in a neighboring Alley where I decided I was going to live and as I sat there trying to decide what to do next I thought well I could open my presents, I am not going to be home for Christmas anyway. Luckily my good sense clicked in about then and I knew more then likely I would end up going home and would want some presents to open up on Christmas day.

So I guess I had it coming, but I just didn't expect paybacks to start at such an early age.


Angie said...

That's hilarious! Like mother like daugther. Cassidy probably wouldn't mind if Aly ever ranaway to our house. :) Lately, she has been asking for Aly.

Wright's said...

I love your stories. I was suprised that you didn't get into a competition with Brad for who could stay away from home the longest, of course brad wouldn't know it's a competition.