Friday, July 25, 2008

Triathlon Stress!!

Tomorrow is my first triathlon and I am beginning to stress a little bit. I am not sure how I feel about the Lake swim at 7:30 in the morning without a wetsuit. I didn't want to worry about trying to rent a wetsuit and thought it might be a little bit of a drag to swim in a wetsuit for 750 meters, but now I am hoping I will just be brave enough to get in the water I am a wimp when it comes to cold.

I have done most of my biking training on the spin bikes at the qym and a little bit on my mountain bike. My mountain bike is in sad form it really only has one gear that works consistently and needs some serious help so I tried to talk Foote into buying me a road bike, but since even the cheap ones are about $600.00 he was not going for it. So he bought me a bike a $10.00 ten speed off of craigslist that is totally 80's. I feel like I should put my hair in a side pony tail just to ride it. I am really glad to have a bike that works to compete on I am just a little worried because every time I ride it I get to about mile eight and my lower back really starts to hurt. I know its not just because my back muscles are weak because I can ride a lot longer on my mountain bike or on my spin bike no problem. It has something to do with the ergonomics of the bike. I have tried adjusting the seat and handle bars, but nothing seems to help. I will just have to toughen up and bear it.

To add to the stress I received an email on Thursday of this week from the company that I ordered my tri shorts and top from a couple weeks ago. They wanted to let me know they were out of stock and would not be able to send my shorts until the 30th which is a little bit of a problem because my race is on the 26th. So needless to say yesterday I was a little stressed because there is really not very many places to buy triathlon gear here in the springs and there was no time to order anything online. Foote came to my rescue and spent about an hour on the phone with the company that messed up my order they ended up overnighting a completely different outfit which is suppose to be an upgrade I am not really sure I really liked what I had picked out, but at this point I am just grateful that I will actually have something to wear tomorrow.

I thought well at least I should have no problems with the running portion of the race. I read the rules and found out that there is no use of MP3 players at all. I don't know if this is standard procedure for all triathlons, but I am really bummed I hate running without music because if I hear myself breath than I think I am more tired than I actually am.

So needless to say I am a little worried about how tomorrow will go, but it will be nice to complete a race so that I will at least know what to expect next time.


Jared and Kalleen Wright said...

I hope it went well, you need to give an update.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you did fabulously! I'm excited to hear about it!

I can totally relate to the no music situation. I think it's standard for all triathlons. I've never been able to have it. I hate hearing myself breathe, too.