Sunday, August 31, 2008

How We Celebrated

Any of you that may have read our post in the past you know that I have been a real slacker when it come to fathers day, our anniversary, and birthdays in the past. This year I completely forgot our anniversary all together. So I decided this year that I had to do an over the top birthday for Foote to make up for some of my slacking off. I really wanted it to be a surprise and something he would really like.

He has always wanted to go skydiving so I decided, that is what I would do for his birthday. The only reason I was a little hesitant is because I knew he would want me to go with him and I had no desire to go sky diving myself. I finally decided the least I could do after all my slacking off was jump out of an airplane.

There is skydiving just outside Florence Colorado of all places and that is only about 45 minutes away. So Friday when Foote came home from work we dropped off the girls at my parent house and left for Florence. Foote had no idea what we were doing I wanted it to be a total surprise. I put the river tubes in the car to throw him off so he would think we were going back to Florence to go tubing down the river again.

We got to the skydiving place at 6:00 pm and took a three hour course on jumping out of the plane we practiced exiting the plane and landing so we would not get injured we went over and over what to do in an emergency how to throw our reserve parachute in case our main parachute did not open, or opened incorrectly. The class ended at 9:00 pm and we were going to meet the next day at 8:00am to do our first jump.

I got really lucky and was able to reserve the best little bed and breakfast in Florence for the night it was right on the river and had some really beautiful property. It was perfect when we pulled up at 9:00 they had a fire in their fire pit and had stuff for us to roast marshmallows and make s'mores. Our host also had some cupcakes and sparkling cider in our room to celebrate Foote's birthday. So we sat by the fire and visited with our host and were able to get a good night sleep before the big day.

Saturday morning we went back to the airport and did our first jump I will not lie, I was afraid I would not be able to climb out of the plane going 80 mph at 3500 ft in the air, but I did it and it was SO SO FUN! In fact we both decided to splurge and jump twice because we had such a good time. Foote was not scared at all, but was completely excited. Unfortunately it was hard to get a good picture because the plane was so small and the jump master was in front of the door when we were jumping.

We then decided after our day of skydiving to go back to the bed and breakfast and go tubing down the river. Our host was nice enough to drop us off up river so we could float the river and just relax. After floating the river we headed back to Colorado Springs and met Footes parents who took us out to dinner for his birthday.

So I am not bragging, but I think I did a pretty good job with my over the top birthday for Foote. It was all worth it to see how excited he was about skydiving. It was a very long day, but so much fun.


Wright's said...

Oh my Gosh, Camille you are way nicer than me. I would have no problem setting up sky diving for Jared, but I would never be able to do it with him. I think you planned a great Birthday. Did you guys seriously jump by yourselves. I could maybe do it, if I was strapped to a professional. But I could never jump by myself. I don't trust myself. I'm gad you could redeem yourself.
Happy Birthday Foote!

Barry and Shannon said...

i can't believe that you jumped by yourself. just watching that made my hands all sweaty. you are much more brave than i.

Angie said...

Just hearing about your adventure (early, early, yesterday morning :) ) was so amazing! I couldn't believe I actually knew someone that skydived! So cool! It definitely hit the charts as a birthday gift for someone like your hubby. Great job Camille!

L said...

Are you kidding! Wow! You did way good. How fun and how brave of you. Happy birthday to your Foote!

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh - you guys are crazy. All by yourself and everything. Congrats!! You are very brave - Happy Birthday Foote, I just realized this year that you and my Mom have the same birthday. Good day. It sounds like you guys had a blast.