Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September here and gone

Is it just me or did September just fly by? I can not believe fall is here, but I am really excited I love fall, I love the way the air smells when it is cool and crisp and I love the colors. So this is just a quick blog of some of the things we have been up to this month.

The fist of September we went up and spent the day with our extended family and the Haslers at fish haven, but we never actually got around to fishing...go figure. We just sat around and visited and ate good food and celebrated Foote's birthday a little late with my family.

Foote and I did a couple day camping trip, just the two of us. I was clad that I left the girls with my mom because I froze. Of course I am kind of a wimp when it comes to camping, especially when its cold at all. I told Foote that I decided that I am a June - August camper ONLY... Yeah Right. He is already trying to talk me into going snow caving with him, and I always give in. I just hate the thought of maybe missing out on something that might be fun.
Just to explain picture, I picked out the perfect set of trees for my hammock first and when Foote couldn't find any trees for his, he just came over and hung his from the same trees. So we had bunk bed hammocks. A little weird and not so comfortable.

We also had some killer chipmunks that I was really worried about. They would come up and sit right next to me on the table when I was eating or cooking, so I had to get a picture. They were so bold, they even hung out in the fire pit.

We also took the girls out on the canoe one weekend. Foote thought it would be fun to spend some time in the canoe as a family. I think sometimes he forgets we have a 1 and 2 year old. It was almost comical I wish I could have filmed it.

Brooklyn spent most of the time trying to climb out of the boat into the water so I had to keep a hold of her so she wouldn't go overboard. Aly insisted that she needed to paddle and kept trying to reach for it and almost fell in the lake. Then when she was given the paddle, she let it go and it floated away from the boat. Then decided since she couldn't paddle she would have a chip, but instead of grabbing from the opening of the bag she picked the bag up by the bottom and dumped them all over the floor of the canoe. She then proceeded to scream and cry as loud as she could.. so much for our peaceful outing on the boat which led to Brooklyn deciding that screaming and crying was not such a bad idea, out in the middle of the lake with two screaming girls..life doesn't get any better than this.

So we compromised I was tired of fighting with Brookie to stay in the boat so Foote dropped Brookie and I off at the nearest shore, Aly took my seat Foote tied a rope around one of the paddles and gave it to her and Foote and Aly had a great boat ride while Brookie and I enjoyed the view from the shore. Aren't family outings great?..Well at least entertaining.

So that has been some of the highlights of our September.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Devotional Time

We have been trying to have a miniature devotional every night with the girls before we put them down for bed. I will have to try and record it one of these times because it has become quite entertaining the more and more Aly talks.

Mom - Do you remember who Nephi's dad was?
Aly -um.....
Mom - Remember we talked about Nephi's dad last time his name is Lehi
Aly - oh yeah Lehi
Mom - Remember they had to leave there home and go in the wilderness and they had to camp
Aly -And they build a boat
Mom - That's right they had to build a boat. Very Good!
Aly - Yeah they had to build a boat so they could go down the river and get away from the dragon. And I was so scarred it was a green dragon and he says Roar!! And I run into the house.
Mom - A Dragon?????

No stopping Aly now devotional time is all hers
Yeah a big dragon and it flies through the air and has fire in its mouth and I run fast because I so scarred. I say stop dragon! stop!
Mom - What about Nephi and Lehi?
Aly - They run fast too. into the house

Such a cutie.

What? You want a doll? Really?

Every year for Christmas my mom would get me a doll of some form or another. I never asked for a doll but I always got one. My mom believed that dolls were the best gift for any little girl and so I had a collection of dolls from Christmas and birthdays that I rarely played with and were more often P.O.W.'s for my brothers playing war. In fact the other day when we were at Grandmas house Aly asked me what had happened to the doll she was playing with, it had a big red circle on its chest. How do I tell my two year old that is a bullet hole that your uncle brad drew on my doll one time when they were pretending to be hunting and this doll happened to be the target. (Have no fear even though it sounds like my brothers were on the road to being serial killers they have all turned out normal....so far) Because It always bugged me that I always ended up with a doll even when I never requested one, I have never bought a doll for my girls for any Christmas or birthday In fact we have one small doll in the house and that was only because at Aly's first Christmas my mom made me feel so guilty about not giving her a doll I bought the cheapest one I could find to stuff in her sock.

So recently I have been rethinking my position on having dolls and it is because I keep finding my girls substituting the most bizarre things for dolls. They are always wrapping up lotion bottles or silverware in washcloths or towels and rocking them to sleep. Almost every night I find Aly in the tub rocking the shampoo bottle to sleep, but this past week topped it all as Aly spent all day hauling around the diaper pale (which was empty so at least it did not smell). She informed me that the diaper pales name is Mango. She fed Mango, put Mango to sleep and even sat next to him to read him some stories. I felt sorry for her trying to lug Mango around, he is almost as big as she is so I guess it is time to get over my anti doll feelings and get the girls some dolls...sigh

Carve it up

It has been a long time since we have gone long boarding and every time we do I feel like I need to be a punk teenager to skateboard, but it is so fun I don't care. The ditch is one of our favorite places to go because it is less accident prone than some of the other places we have gone in the past our last skate trip to Garden of the Gods left me with some major road rash and it took about three months before it all cleared up.

Camille Skating the Ditch

Foote Skating the Ditch