Friday, September 12, 2008

Carve it up

It has been a long time since we have gone long boarding and every time we do I feel like I need to be a punk teenager to skateboard, but it is so fun I don't care. The ditch is one of our favorite places to go because it is less accident prone than some of the other places we have gone in the past our last skate trip to Garden of the Gods left me with some major road rash and it took about three months before it all cleared up.

Camille Skating the Ditch

Foote Skating the Ditch


The Goulds said...

You guys are so fun!! I love that you took him skydiving. I would have peed my pants. I always look forward to the adventures of the foote's when I open your blog!

Wright's said...

looks's like fun. I had to beg Jared to roller blade the last time we went. I don't see any of this in our future.

Anonymous said...

Camille, you are still the exact same person when I met you up at utah state. After three kids and being married you get the best of both worlds, your cute family and still lots of fun adventures.