Friday, September 12, 2008

What? You want a doll? Really?

Every year for Christmas my mom would get me a doll of some form or another. I never asked for a doll but I always got one. My mom believed that dolls were the best gift for any little girl and so I had a collection of dolls from Christmas and birthdays that I rarely played with and were more often P.O.W.'s for my brothers playing war. In fact the other day when we were at Grandmas house Aly asked me what had happened to the doll she was playing with, it had a big red circle on its chest. How do I tell my two year old that is a bullet hole that your uncle brad drew on my doll one time when they were pretending to be hunting and this doll happened to be the target. (Have no fear even though it sounds like my brothers were on the road to being serial killers they have all turned out far) Because It always bugged me that I always ended up with a doll even when I never requested one, I have never bought a doll for my girls for any Christmas or birthday In fact we have one small doll in the house and that was only because at Aly's first Christmas my mom made me feel so guilty about not giving her a doll I bought the cheapest one I could find to stuff in her sock.

So recently I have been rethinking my position on having dolls and it is because I keep finding my girls substituting the most bizarre things for dolls. They are always wrapping up lotion bottles or silverware in washcloths or towels and rocking them to sleep. Almost every night I find Aly in the tub rocking the shampoo bottle to sleep, but this past week topped it all as Aly spent all day hauling around the diaper pale (which was empty so at least it did not smell). She informed me that the diaper pales name is Mango. She fed Mango, put Mango to sleep and even sat next to him to read him some stories. I felt sorry for her trying to lug Mango around, he is almost as big as she is so I guess it is time to get over my anti doll feelings and get the girls some dolls...sigh


Jenny said...

Girls will be girls. I grew up in an all girl household so there was never a shortage of barbies or dolls. Don't be afraid to come over to the girly side, the water is nice and its awesome on our side!! :)

Cristi said...

That is hilarious!