Friday, September 12, 2008

Devotional Time

We have been trying to have a miniature devotional every night with the girls before we put them down for bed. I will have to try and record it one of these times because it has become quite entertaining the more and more Aly talks.

Mom - Do you remember who Nephi's dad was?
Aly -um.....
Mom - Remember we talked about Nephi's dad last time his name is Lehi
Aly - oh yeah Lehi
Mom - Remember they had to leave there home and go in the wilderness and they had to camp
Aly -And they build a boat
Mom - That's right they had to build a boat. Very Good!
Aly - Yeah they had to build a boat so they could go down the river and get away from the dragon. And I was so scarred it was a green dragon and he says Roar!! And I run into the house.
Mom - A Dragon?????

No stopping Aly now devotional time is all hers
Yeah a big dragon and it flies through the air and has fire in its mouth and I run fast because I so scarred. I say stop dragon! stop!
Mom - What about Nephi and Lehi?
Aly - They run fast too. into the house

Such a cutie.

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Cristi said...

Emma does that, too. I'm like, ok, go ahead. It's pretty funny.