Friday, October 24, 2008

My girls best friends...Worst enemies

It is so fun to watch my girls interact more and more now that Brooklyn is getting older. Some of my favorite moments are when they are in the bath tub together at night and get a case of the giggles, they will laugh and laugh it is so cute. We had to turn the door knob on their bedroom door around so we could lock it from the outside to get Aly to stay in their room at night. So a lot of times when I come home in the morning from the paper out I can hear Aly and Brooklyn in their room playing and laughing.

Funny enough some of the times that stress me out the most are the same times. Some nights the girls will be taking a bath and Brooklyn will start screaming and I go in and find that Aly is sitting on top of her and she is just trying to keep her head above water and Aly is laughing while Brooklyn has a look of terror. The other night I put both girls to bed and Brooklyn cried and cried, so after about 45minutes and she still had not calmed down I went in to find that Aly had crawled into her crib and fallen asleep and was taking up the whole crib so Brooklyn was just sitting on the edge of the crib trying to be comfortable.

Some days I can not wait to see how great of friends they are going to be and other days I think if they keep fighting this much as they get older I am going to go crazy. I love my girls

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. ~Author Unknown

I have a question for all of you neat freaks out there. How do you do it? I am serious how do you find enough time in the day to keep an immaculate (or even clean) house and do everything else? This is a talent I would really like to have, but it seems that I just fall further and further behind. So what are your secret strategies?

I am trying to make some effort my mom and I are currently swapping a day at each others house once a week to get our deep cleaning done this includes washing walls, baseboards, cleaning window sills, cleaning blinds, washing out cupboards and throwing away clutter. We thought one day would be enough to attack one room, but my kitchen ended up being a two day project. I really need to do a better job staying organized. How do I accumulate all this stuff?

I just created a list of things that I would really like to change about myself and one is to be cleaner and more organized. So I need your secrets keeping in mind that I only have about 2-3 hours a day to devout to any house work. Is that my problem? Do I not give it enough time?