Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chocolate Milk: Here today .... Gone today!

I know I have mentioned in past posts that I am a big coupon shopper. I am also at a big advantage because I deliver papers so I have access to tons of coupons it is an added bonus to the job. I keep saying I am going to put a place on my blogsite to have my latest great coupon buys,but I have not done it yet. I try to share my excitement with Foote when I get a great deal, but I think it is hard for him to relate to how great deals are because he doesn't do our shopping enough to know how much things usually are. So I guess for right now I will just occasionally blog when I get a great deal. So this past week it was Nesquick chocolate milk For Free...can't beat that. I love chocolate milk it is one of my biggest weaknesses. This is my second time in the last few months getting chocolate milk for free. So on Saturday I picked up 25 Nesquick chocolate milk chugs for free. Here is the worst part by Tuesday of the following week they were all gone. At least last time they lasted a couple weeks. The girls were the main consumers(I am hoping you buy that) but I probably should have done a better job of regulating their chocolate milk consumption...Oh well what can you do I guess I'll have the last chocolate milk and think about it.

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Wright's said...

i gave up on you helping me with the whole coupon thing. I love thinking about those weird chocolate shake things you used to make. actually they were good.