Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First trip to the theater.....Shoot me now

This past weekend a company Foote works with invited all their clients and Families to a free matinee showing of Madagascar 2 at the new theater on Interquest. Foote thought it would be fun to go, since it was free and all, but I was a little skeptical of how the girls would do.

So here is a little play by play on how our first attempt to take Brooklyn and Aly to the movie went. The movie included a complimentary soda and popcorn for everyone attending so I had all our popcorn and drinks on a tray and was carrying them so Foote could carry the girls. Brooklyn was very upset by this because as soon as she saw the drink she had to have it immediately or she would probably die. So as soon as Foote put the drink in the cup holder next to her seat she grabbed it and it was so full that it started leaking out and spilling all over her. Foote tried to get the drink out of her hands to avoid any more spillage and Brooklyn had a death grip on it and was squeezing it so hard that the spilling got worse. Foote in his frustration was trying to hand off the tray with the other drinks and popcorn to me so that he could have both hands to deal with Brooklyn's tantrum and ended up hitting the tray spilling two bags of popcorn on the floor. This wouldn't have seemed so bad except the cleaning guy right next to us had just finished vacuuming and the floor was so nice and clean. I overheard him say "Oh thanks a lot."

We get the drink away from Brookie amid her screams and try to clean up the popcorn a little. We finally get both girls situated in their seats and they seem to be pretty content to wait for the movie except Brooklyn doesn't weigh enough to keep her seat from folding up so it keeps swallowing her up in it which makes her really mad, but she refuses to sit on our laps. So we try to hold it down, but it keeps folding up and Brookie will yell "I stuck I stuck". It looked so funny we tried to take a picture of it, but unfortunately it didn't turn out. We are able to keep the girls amused with popcorn and soda so they're not so upset to just sit in their seats, but then the movie finally starts and the popcorn and soda are gone. Brooklyn watches pretty good for about the first ten minutes and decided she needs to get down and climb on the railing that is right in front of us.

Since it seems to keep her entertained and she is not bothering anyone I just let her play quietly. Aly decides that Brooklyn must be having a great time so she decides to join her climbing on the railing. Brooklyn gets bored with climbing and decides it is time to explore new territory so she goes to sit on the stairs next to my seat and then she decides to climb the stairs and say hi to everyone row by row. Now that she is bothering other people I try to get her back in her seat, but she refuses, having just had so much unrestrained freedom. So I tried to stand up with her by the door of the theater and this makes her furious, and of course she throws a fit. So I result to bribery. I get some M&M's that she and Aly can have one at a time as long as they sit in their seats this buys us about 20 minutes, but then they climb under the railing and take off in a full sprint to the front of the theater. We proceed to chase them to various corners of the theater for the next ten minutes and then give up all together and leave the theater.

Well at least it was free.

As we are leaving the theater Aly is screaming "I want to watch the movie! I want to watch the movie!" As loud as she can. So needless to say it will be a few years before we attempt the theater with the girls again.


Wright's said...

I worry about this every time I take the kids to a movie. What a nightmare.

Anna said...

My kids aren't the only ones!!! This really cracked me up... oh man, I'm just glad you all survived. And that it was free.