Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's Always Something

I know while reading this post you will probably think that I am some crazy neglectful mom, but the truth is my kids manage to get into trouble in .0000001 seconds. Tonight I put the girls in the tub and Brooklyn usually wants to get out as soon as she has had her hair washed and is clean. I think it is because most nights she wants to avoid being left in the tub with Aly the torturer. After I got Brooklyn dressed I told Aly I was going to shut the bathroom door because I did not want Brooklyn to come back in and get her pajamas all wet. I told Aly to just yell for me when she wanted to get out. So about ten minutes later I thought things are really quiet which all moms know usually means something bad is happening. I went to check on Aly and found that she had climbed up on the counter and got my razor out of the medicine cabinet and had sliced her lip open and cut her nose trying to shave like her daddy. So there was blood everywhere from where she had touched her lip and than climbed back into the tub....These girls are going to drive me insane with both of them in that terrible two age. They are into everything like little destroying angels. So while we are trying to get Aly's lip to stop bleeding Brooklyn reaches up on the counter and gets the toothpaste and is able to get the lid off and proceed eating the toothpaste, sucking it right out of the tube.. well at least she will have nice breath. I think these girls might slowly drive me insane....wait I already typed that...see it is already happening I am going crazy.


The Goulds said...

that sounds like something Zhara would do. kids are's a wonder they survive to adulthood.
ps I love your new picture. you look great!!

Angie said...

Poor Baby...I feel like I had something to do with that. :(

Yesterday Cassidy was having a very clumsy day, it seemed like right after fixing one boo boo I would turn around and it would happen again.

Give Aly big hugs from us!