Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ok time to get back to the blogging world. I attempted to blog about three times during December, but then ten thousand things and a couple naps got in the way and it did not come to pass. We made some cookies, and had some family dinners. We missed having everyone home for Christmas, but we enjoyed the family who was here. Especially getting a massage from Natalee.

The girls were still a little young to get really excited for Christmas. I did have one of those proud parent moments when My mom asked Aly about Santa and she really didn't know what my mom was talking about, but when she asked her whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas she was able to tell my mom that it was Jesus's Birthday.

I also had to laugh because when Aly would open a gift we would tell her who it was from so she would open the gift and than give the gift back to whoever gave it to her. She did not really understand that they were for her, but thought she was opening them for other people.


Jenny said...

I tagged you on my blog - check it out 1/4/09.

Cristi said...

this is the first year emma really understood about santa and it was really fun! you will love it!