Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving sum up only a week late

There are things that can sometimes be tough about living in a big family, but whenever the holidays role around I am so grateful for my big family it makes everything seem more like a big event and there is always something going on. It's crazy how full my parents house gets when everyone is there, and we were even missing Ed and his family:(

So here is the sum up of our Thanksgiving, which was, for the most part fabulous. I was up at 1:00am doing the Thanksgiving papers which were like Sunday papers, maybe bigger, with all the black Friday adds in them. This part of the day was a little bit of a nightmare, the newspaper agency had made multiple errors and ended up being short about 20,000 papers, who knows? Total confusion luckily I had great help my friend Derek and my sister Natalee were there to help, so even though we were about three hours behind schedule, we were still able to get the papers out before 8:00am which, considering the confusion was very lucky. Every where I went there was about six people in line waiting to buy some papers, and when you are hundreds short this adds up to unhappy people. Well enough about this part of the day I've decided just to repress it and move on.

Unfortunately, because of our late delivery time this made my Turkey Trot plans a little tricky because I basically had to run in the door from the paper route, change and run back out for the race. Luckily I have a FABULOUS husband who had the kids up and ready and was prepared to go so we could get there in time to register for the run that started at 9:00. I was able to convince Natalee and Brad to run with me, Daniel was planning on it but slept in, and Preston didn't think you should have to pay anyone to run. (I really think he was afraid I would beat him) The race was good except that it was so so cold, but after the first mile I was dying of heat and wishing I had decided to take my sweatshirt off. It was an okay run not the best time, but more for the getting out and doing something on Thanksgiving before I eat way to much.

After our race we went back to my parents house for a nice warm breakfast. By this time I was completely exhausted so I left my kids at my parents and went home for a nice quiet nap until about 2:00, woke up put my salad together and went over and enjoyed a great Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house and spent the rest of the evening visiting and playing games. It was great.

My kids love being at grandma's house, especially when there are so many people to play with them. Natalee is currently going to massage therapy school so we brought our massage table over and Natalee was able to get in some good practice. So thanks everyone for such a fun few days we will miss you and can't wait until we can all get together again.

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The Goulds said...

I love getting together as a family & it looks like you guys had so much fun. When I was younger we always did a run together as a family the weekend of Thanksgiving...good memories. Have a merry Christmas Camille!