Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Seven things

About a month ago I was tagged by my sister-in-law Jenny to blog 7 things about myself that not everyone might know.  I am finally getting done better late than never.  I did this a little over a year ago so I really tried hard to think of seven new things so I wouldn't just be taking the easy way out and repeating myself.

1.  I hate opening the prepacked roll canisters, you know the ones you have to peel back until they pop.  They scare me everytime.  I always tell myself "don't jump don't jump POP! and of course I jumped...I hate the anticipation.

2.  I am horrible with keys.  I lose them constantly.  This drives Foote crazy because he is obsessive about always having his keys with him.  I am so bad at losing keys that Foote took the keys to my car and had over twenty copies made and I think I know where four are.  

3.  I think that eating right is the hard part of getting in shape.  I could exercise for hours each day no problem, but cut down on ice cream....way too hard for me.

4.  I am really good at recycling, but only newspaper and plastic.  I will hold onto a newpaper for weeks in my car until I go by a recycle bin rather than throw it away in a normal trash can.  I'm not so great at recycling aluminum and glass I think it might be because recycle drop offs are harder to find for those items.

5.  I am a terrible writer, it is one thing that absolutely bugs me about myself.  I am sure it probably bugs anyone who reads my blog as well because punctuation is beyond me for some reason even as a college graduate I am the queen of run ons and fragments.   The rules of grammar after writing hundreds of papers still fail to stay with me.  I have not given up hope.  This year one of my goals is to either take a writing class or study writing manuals on my own to help me just be patient you may be able to stand reading my blog in the future.  (number 5 intentionally left unedited)

6.  I have a love hate relationship with my cell phone.  I love how nice it to be able to call anyone when I need to.  Like the last time I lost my keys and had to call Foote to come rescue me.   I hate that I have to remember to take it with me, check phone messages, turn it up after putting it on silence, charge it...I am lucky if I remember both children when I'm going somewhere let alone a phone.  I am constantly being asked "Why didn't you have your phone?"  "Did you get my message?"  "Why didn't you charge it so it wouldn't be dead?" to which I respond......I hate this stupid phone!

7.  I don't like buffets.  It causes the weight concious part of me to conflict with the cheapskate part of me.  I don't want to eat too much because I don't need to have to work off all the extra calories, but I want to eat enough platefuls to make sure that I am getting an amazing deal.  It is to stressful and better if I just avoid the inner battle altogether

I am supposed to tag 7 other people, but I will just leave it open to anyone who wants to consider themselves tagged and write 7 things about themselves.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Back to America

A picture of the beach we had almost completely to ourselves (the sun went behind some clouds half way through the pictures Foote stitched together for the panorama)

We had a great time in San Felipe doing nothing, and that is not an exaggeration.  We woke up every morning naturally, which is a big deal for me since I ususally get up at 1:00am six out of seven days in the week.  Most days we would have breakfast and then go lay in the sun on the beach, reading books and basking in the sun.  It may sound boring, but with no kids it was WONDERFUL!!  I loved that we didn't have to do anything.  We ate seafood, seafood and more seafood.  It was great to have seafood so fresh, I could not get enough clams with butter and garlic, so so good, they were free with everything.  If you ordered dinner you got free clams, it was like the San Felipe version of free breadsticks.  In fact after consuming about 100 clams in just a couple days we decided it might be more economical if we bought some fresh and attempted to steam them in the kitchen of our time share.  I was a little nervous because being from Colorado we do not steam clams very often, but they turned out ok.  although they were better at some of the resturants we visited.

San Felipe is a small little fishing town so we spent the evenings going for walks along the Malecon which is the road right next to the Ocean.  I have to admit this trip has definately inspired me to make more effort to improve my limited Spanish.  (Necesito el spoono?...I know it's pathetic)

Never a dull moment when you travel with Foote this happened about a minute after me saying "Just don't get stuck."

Our poor good Samaritan got stuck trying to pull us out. We were finally able to get out about thirty minutes later when five mexican guys helped dig us out. We were just lucky they were around we were in the middle of nowhere.

Our attempt at steaming clams

Monday, January 19, 2009

Road Trip to ???

I have to give Foote some major credit, when we were dating I told him I did not want to get married until I had done all the traveling I wanted to do, because otherwise it would probably never happen.  He convinced me that traveling would be better after we were married because then there would always be someone to travel with.  I wasn't completely convinced by his argument, and in the back of my mind was a little sceptical that we would have the time or money to travel at all after we were married.

Although we have niether time or money to travel Foote always makes it happen, and I am very grateful for that.  So I am writing this post from San Felipe Mexico.  He told me a couple weeks ago that he was planning a surprise vaction and I needed to get someone to watch the girls and throw the paperout for a week, and not to worry.  So it all came togeather and I would not know where we were going until I figured it out during the journey.  He did tell me that it would be about a 16 - 19 hour drive, so I was thinking Texas or maybe California, but instead we are lounging on the beach in Mexico.  

We decided to drive here... Well, we decided that we could afford to drive here.  It was a long drive, but without the girls it really wasn't bad (I slept most of the way) we left at 1:00 Friday and reached the Mexico border at 4:30 the next morning.  Crossing the border was an experince in itself.  We were the only car trying to get into Mexico and there was about a ten mile line of cars trying to get into the US.  Hopefully the line isn't so long when we try to get home.  It was fascinating, the border was its own little subculture.  it was 5:00 in the morning and there were thousands of people on the streets, and there were hundreds of buses towing porta-potties behind them.  My best guess was that these buses were US agriculture companies that bus over hundreds and hundreds of Mexicans everyday to work in US fields.  I was also surprised by how different everything was from one side of the border to another.  We crossed the border in San Luis and I thought that since the town was so close to the US border you would probably still see a lot of American influences like McDonalds, Burger King, and other companies that just seem to be everywhere, but that was not the case.  As soon as we crossed the border it was as if we drove into a dangerous inner city ghetto.  I have to admit I was a little nervous until I realized we were not in any ghetto this is just how people live in Mexico.  I knew that there was a lot of poverty in this country, but I guess I didn't realize the extent.  This is the part of traveling I enjoy being able to see how people in a country really live and work.  Last year we went to Cancun and although it was a lot of fun we were very sheltered by our resort this has been so much more facinating.  I hate really long posts so I will have to give more updates in future posts.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Adult Reading Program (Competition)

Tomorrow marks the big day. The big day for what you ask?  The beginning of the annual adult reading program of course.  Eight books in eight weeks and prizes along the way.  I think the reason I love this so much is because it brings back memories of the summer reading program I used to do as a kid, or the Newberry reading competition (it probably wasn't a competition I just thought it was) I remember from elementary school, whoever read the most books got the most prizes, or the best prizes. A program like this for an over competitive child is only asking for problems.  I used to neglect all my homework and just read from the time I got home from school until the time I had to go to bed, and then begin the next day by going into the library to check out my new book.

I was sharing reading program stories with my sister Natalee and she told me about how one summer she got in trouble from the local library because she would check out books and go out to the front lawn and read them all and than go back in and turn them all in and check out a whole new load of books.   She was little so she was only reading beginner reader books not chapter books.   After about her fourth trip into the library in the same day she was told that she could only check out a certain amount of books in a day.  It all ended ok because she still ended up winning the grand prize of an alarm clock radio.   I had to laugh because I know I would have done the exact same thing.

I have to put in a little plug in for the Pikes Peak Library District.  I love their faciclities, and their online library is so easy to use.   I know that this may not seem like a big deal, but if you have ever lived in a small town with very limited facilities and slim to no book selection it gives you a whole new apprecation for having so much at your finger tips.   Not to mention all the reading programs and story times they offer for the girls.

So if your a Colorado Springs resident don't pass up the adult reading program, you get amazing prizes like a hot chocolate mug and Panera Bread gift card, yum!!! ok so the prizes aren't so exciting but its all about the sense of accomplishment anyway right?

Checking out books so easy my two year old has it mastered

P.S. Foote asked and it is alright to count audiobooks you listen to on the iPod.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Very Loved Mango, the Diaper Pail

As some of you may recall, I posted earlier this year a blog about the guilt I was feeling because my daughters had no dolls and were using bizarre things around the house as dolls.  Well at Christmas the girls did very well in the doll department between us and other relatives they each received three dolls, that means we now have six dolls with accessories.  I have discovered that my guilt was pointless, despite all her dolls Aly still prefers to play with the old diaper pail which she has named "Mango"(don't worry it has not been used in a long long time and has been sanitized). I would have to say she even spent more time playing with the diaper pail in the last week than she did before she had her doll options. This week was the first time she insisted that mango be tucked in to bed with her at night, and when I told her Mango was downstairs she promptly went down and lugged him all the way up the stairs by herself.   The whole time saying, "Mango you are getting so big."  The other day I was trying to clean up and went to move Mango upstairs only to be informed by Aly that Mango was in time out and needed to remain where he was. I was really hoping to Craigslist Mango right after Christmas, but I'm almost afraid if I do she will be traumatized since she always asks were Mango is. So for now the dolls sit in the closet and Mango enjoys a comfy place on Alys bed.

Aly and Mango hanging out watching TV
Aly and Mango in her boat the toilet plunger is her paddle