Monday, January 26, 2009

Back to America

A picture of the beach we had almost completely to ourselves (the sun went behind some clouds half way through the pictures Foote stitched together for the panorama)

We had a great time in San Felipe doing nothing, and that is not an exaggeration.  We woke up every morning naturally, which is a big deal for me since I ususally get up at 1:00am six out of seven days in the week.  Most days we would have breakfast and then go lay in the sun on the beach, reading books and basking in the sun.  It may sound boring, but with no kids it was WONDERFUL!!  I loved that we didn't have to do anything.  We ate seafood, seafood and more seafood.  It was great to have seafood so fresh, I could not get enough clams with butter and garlic, so so good, they were free with everything.  If you ordered dinner you got free clams, it was like the San Felipe version of free breadsticks.  In fact after consuming about 100 clams in just a couple days we decided it might be more economical if we bought some fresh and attempted to steam them in the kitchen of our time share.  I was a little nervous because being from Colorado we do not steam clams very often, but they turned out ok.  although they were better at some of the resturants we visited.

San Felipe is a small little fishing town so we spent the evenings going for walks along the Malecon which is the road right next to the Ocean.  I have to admit this trip has definately inspired me to make more effort to improve my limited Spanish.  (Necesito el spoono?...I know it's pathetic)

Never a dull moment when you travel with Foote this happened about a minute after me saying "Just don't get stuck."

Our poor good Samaritan got stuck trying to pull us out. We were finally able to get out about thirty minutes later when five mexican guys helped dig us out. We were just lucky they were around we were in the middle of nowhere.

Our attempt at steaming clams


Derek, Ali, Breck, Jade, Koemi and Carter said...

What a great trip! I love reading about your surprise getaways. -Ali

Cristi said...

no fair! can we come next time?