Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Very Loved Mango, the Diaper Pail

As some of you may recall, I posted earlier this year a blog about the guilt I was feeling because my daughters had no dolls and were using bizarre things around the house as dolls.  Well at Christmas the girls did very well in the doll department between us and other relatives they each received three dolls, that means we now have six dolls with accessories.  I have discovered that my guilt was pointless, despite all her dolls Aly still prefers to play with the old diaper pail which she has named "Mango"(don't worry it has not been used in a long long time and has been sanitized). I would have to say she even spent more time playing with the diaper pail in the last week than she did before she had her doll options. This week was the first time she insisted that mango be tucked in to bed with her at night, and when I told her Mango was downstairs she promptly went down and lugged him all the way up the stairs by herself.   The whole time saying, "Mango you are getting so big."  The other day I was trying to clean up and went to move Mango upstairs only to be informed by Aly that Mango was in time out and needed to remain where he was. I was really hoping to Craigslist Mango right after Christmas, but I'm almost afraid if I do she will be traumatized since she always asks were Mango is. So for now the dolls sit in the closet and Mango enjoys a comfy place on Alys bed.

Aly and Mango hanging out watching TV
Aly and Mango in her boat the toilet plunger is her paddle


The Goulds said...

I LOVE it!! That is so hilarious & totally something my kids would do. I sure missed you guys on New Years :( I missed our party

Wright's said...

Too funny. I am so glad you have this all documented.
I loved your card. I am planning on sending you some chocolates, but only if you promise not to throw them away because your on a diet or something. (I'm still mad about those m&m's you threw out cause you couldn't control yourself.

Angie said...

Oh Camille that little girl sure has a crush! This is soooo funny! Well you tried. ;)