Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Seven things

About a month ago I was tagged by my sister-in-law Jenny to blog 7 things about myself that not everyone might know.  I am finally getting done better late than never.  I did this a little over a year ago so I really tried hard to think of seven new things so I wouldn't just be taking the easy way out and repeating myself.

1.  I hate opening the prepacked roll canisters, you know the ones you have to peel back until they pop.  They scare me everytime.  I always tell myself "don't jump don't jump POP! and of course I jumped...I hate the anticipation.

2.  I am horrible with keys.  I lose them constantly.  This drives Foote crazy because he is obsessive about always having his keys with him.  I am so bad at losing keys that Foote took the keys to my car and had over twenty copies made and I think I know where four are.  

3.  I think that eating right is the hard part of getting in shape.  I could exercise for hours each day no problem, but cut down on ice cream....way too hard for me.

4.  I am really good at recycling, but only newspaper and plastic.  I will hold onto a newpaper for weeks in my car until I go by a recycle bin rather than throw it away in a normal trash can.  I'm not so great at recycling aluminum and glass I think it might be because recycle drop offs are harder to find for those items.

5.  I am a terrible writer, it is one thing that absolutely bugs me about myself.  I am sure it probably bugs anyone who reads my blog as well because punctuation is beyond me for some reason even as a college graduate I am the queen of run ons and fragments.   The rules of grammar after writing hundreds of papers still fail to stay with me.  I have not given up hope.  This year one of my goals is to either take a writing class or study writing manuals on my own to help me just be patient you may be able to stand reading my blog in the future.  (number 5 intentionally left unedited)

6.  I have a love hate relationship with my cell phone.  I love how nice it to be able to call anyone when I need to.  Like the last time I lost my keys and had to call Foote to come rescue me.   I hate that I have to remember to take it with me, check phone messages, turn it up after putting it on silence, charge it...I am lucky if I remember both children when I'm going somewhere let alone a phone.  I am constantly being asked "Why didn't you have your phone?"  "Did you get my message?"  "Why didn't you charge it so it wouldn't be dead?" to which I respond......I hate this stupid phone!

7.  I don't like buffets.  It causes the weight concious part of me to conflict with the cheapskate part of me.  I don't want to eat too much because I don't need to have to work off all the extra calories, but I want to eat enough platefuls to make sure that I am getting an amazing deal.  It is to stressful and better if I just avoid the inner battle altogether

I am supposed to tag 7 other people, but I will just leave it open to anyone who wants to consider themselves tagged and write 7 things about themselves.

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DnK said...

I am terrible with grammar too!! But unlike you I am to old to change. Ha Ha! I am just going to expect people to put up with my bad writing if they want to read my blog. Hopefully they care enough to fight through.