Sunday, February 15, 2009

Grocery Shopping with the girls.......I must be crazy

I hate grocery shopping with the girls, unless I am only picking up a few items.  I have learned this lesson in the past, but every once in awile I forget how horrible it can be, to take them shopping.  I think to myself they are a little older maybe they will do better this time.  Today was the last day of the sale and I had a bunch of coupon deals I wanted to get so I decided lets give it a try.

To give them a little credit they did well for about the first twenty minutes.  Unfortunately, my kind of shopping takes a lot longer than 2o minutes.  When I am coupon shopping it takes a litte extra time because I have to make sure I have the right item and the right amount of coupons.  My big mistake is that I went shopping at 4:30 in the afternoon so by the time I check out everyone is off work and hitting the store on the way home. It is crazy busy.

Brooklyn, "I want to hold you"
Mom - "Ok wait a minute"
Aly - "I want to  hold you to"
Mom - "Well I can't hold both of you so you will just have to wait until we are done shopping"
Cries from both girls
Mom = "calm down we are almost done, and after we check out we can go for a ride on the horse.  Can we just be good for a little longer?"

Brookln - "My shoe! my shoe!" she lost her shoe in the cart
Aly - "I'll get it"
Brooklyn  - "No! my shoe! my shoe!  stop and puts her shoes on

Meanwhile I am in the middle of loading boxes of chili into the cart trying to keep track of how many I have and what kind I have already bought.

Brooklyn - "I want to hold it! I want to hold it" I give her a can of chili to hold
Aly - "I want to hold the bag of chips"
Mom - "You can hold them, but we can't eat them until we pay for them so you just have to hold them"
Aly - "ok"  I give her the bag of chips to hold
Aly - "I want to eat them please"
Mom - "No.  Remember we have to wait until we check out" Aly begins to open bag so I take them away from her.
Aly - "I want to hold them! I want to hold them"

Ok time to finish and checkout before both melt down at once.  I make my way to the check out line only to realize that the chili as well as other items I have purchsed are part of a 5 fof 5 sale.  For every five items purchased I get 5.00 off the only problem is there is a limit of three  per transaction so 15 items total.  keep in mind I have 60 cans of chili alone not to mention the other 20 items I have purchased as part of the sale.  So the cashier has to ring up all items in limits of 15 and than start a new transaction....Meanwhile Brooklyn is screaming and crying and the line behind us slowly builds and everyone is lookin at me like how can it possibly take this long to check out.

Brooklyn - "Hold you! Hold you!" - so I get brooklyn out of the cart and am holding her and trying to go through coupons and pay with my free hand.
Aly - "I want out! I want out!" Do I get her out and hope she will stay with me or just deal with the yelling.
Mom - "ok you can get out, but I need you to stay right next to me" Aly thinks this means as long as I can see her.
Brooklyn - "I want down!" - she starts kicking so I will put her down. Great about still have half the cart to go the cahier has made  a mistake and is trying to figure it out.  Both girls are running around within five feet of me, but still I am trying to watch them.  I'm just relieved they haven't completely taken off.  The check out line continues to build.  Finally finished....the girls each get a ride on the horse.  Then it's time to go.  Brooklyn is furious because she wants another ride and begins to cry and tries to get down to go back to the horse.  So I am holding her and pushing the cart while Aly is walking next to us.  We get to the door to the store and Aly decides to take off into the parking lot. I desert the cart and run after her as fast as I can holding Brooklyn who is still screaming.  I finally catch her only to realize that my cart is now rolling into the parking lot on its own.  Trying to hold on to two girls and catch my cart I am now remembering why I don't go shopping with both girls alone.  I am posting this to remind myself so I don't make the mistake again any time soon.

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The Goulds said...

First I would like to say way to go on the sale!! That is pretty awesome. I am trying to be much better with coupons & sales since we cut our food budget (where else can you cut things out these days?) and also I got a chuckle out of your story because I've had time where I have only gotten half of what I needed & just left the I try to go shopping while Zhara is at preschool so it's just Alyssa ;)