Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Aly!!

Our Aly is three!  I can't believe it.  She has been asking everyday since about the 5th of this month if it is her birthday next?  The morning of her birthday we surprised her with a bunch of balloons, a birthday crown, and breakfast in bed (blueberry muffins and choclate milk which she loves but is grounded from for a month because of all the times she has got into the choclate mix and spilled it everywhere.)  she was so excited and kept reminding me "You can hold a balloon, but it's MY birthday."

We are so blessed to be close to family so the birthday celebrations extended into the weekend.  Friday night it was dinner and cake and ice cream at Grandma Hickman's house as well as a treasure hunt to find all her gifts.

Saturday we went to Castle Rock to  a party at M&M Grandma's house (this is the girls nickname for Grandma Foote because of her consistant supply of M&Ms)  We had cake and ice cream and went swimming with our cousins Natalie and Sabra and than back to grandma's for A pizza party.  Aly has loved all the attention for her birthday and is sad that after three days of partys it's all over.

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