Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shhhh......No Tell Mommy

Coming out of the gym the other day, Brooklyn wanted to climb on the big rock in front of the gym.  After a few minutes I told them it was time to go, and Brooklyn was so upset because she wasn't done so I picked her up despite her temper tantrum and holding her, the diaperbag and my gym bag in in one arm, and holding Aly's hand with the other, we slowly made our way across the parking lot to the car.  This is a very busy parking lot and the girls are in a bad habit of just running out into the street any time they can get their hand away from my grip.  I got to the car and put Brooklyn down so I could get the keys out of my pocket, and in that second she took off running back for the rock across the parking lot.  I shot after her and grabbed a hold of her arm and she immeditately dropped all her weight, so I was carrying her by one arm back to the car.  When I put he in her seat she screamed every time I touched her arm and cried all the way home, and then screamed again when I touched her arm to get out of her carseat.  I was worried that I had dislocated her arm.  Everytime I tried to have her straighten it she screamed and screamed so I called Foote to let him know that I probably dislocated Brooklyn's arm and needed to take her to the doctor.  He came home and she was still crying while Foote examined her arm.  I went upstairs to get something and while I was gone she looked straight at Foote and said "Shhh no tell mommy"....and stopped screaming.  She was FAKING.  Foote came upstairs to tell me she was fine and told me about Brookie's little secret I couldn't believe it she is 20 months.  What 20 month old knows about faking?  I was totally played, I couldn't belive it.


The Goulds said...

that made me laugh out is amazing the things kids know...good thing you didn't take her to the hospital :)

Wright's said...

unbelievable. Brookie looks so grown up in this picture.